Aladdin movie HD print leaked online on torrent websites [Watch]

Aladdin movie HD print leaked online on torrent websites [Watch]

Aladdin movie HD print leaked online on torrent websites [Watch]

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Disney's Aladdin movie has become the latest victim of online piracy. Will Smith and Naomi Scott's latest live-action movie's HD-print is currently available for illegal download on several torrent websites. The illegal download will directly affect the box-office collection of the most awaited remake of a classic Disney movie.

Disney has been treading on very thin ice with their factory line-up of live-action films, most that refuse to break the mould or take any risks from their earlier counterparts. Their latest, Aladdin, continues to attempt to revive nostalgia. Twenty-seven years ago, the original Aladdin became one of the most popular animated films to ever be made, usurped from its throne only in 1994 by The Lion King, which Disney is adapting soon. This process only seems to disinterest younger audiences — case in point: the failure of Dumbo — who have a whole new world of novel content. Inadvertently, the films end up tainting the ever-so-fond memories that we have all grown up with.

Though faithfully retold to oppressively sacrosanct levels, Guy Ritchie’s remake features some of the English director’s signature strokes. His sleight of hand with slick action flourishes in the cat-and-mouse chases, as Aladdin escapes the clutches of his pursuers. But it’s not enough to buoy the film’s drawbacks. Take for instance, what passed off as romantic in the 90s is now outright misogynist today. Princess Jasmine (Naomi Scott) cannot be the ruler of her city or marry the man of her choice. She must be seen and not heard. The feeble attempt to give her a feminist shot in the arm is a mere ‘Let It Go’-like song a la Frozen. The track, ‘Speechless’ is absolutely transparent, completely nullifying the character’s context.


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