Are the high value slots symbols always relevant to the game theme?

Are the high value slots symbols always relevant to the game theme?

Are the high value slots symbols always relevant to the game theme?

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Slot machines have come to a hell of a long way since their invention and popularisation by a Californian engineer called Charles D. Fey right at the tail end of the 1800s. Back then these machines could only really be found in the corners of slightly shady taverns or bars owing to their illegal stature, however, it wouldn’t take long before the infectious gambling machines spread across California, and then the rest of the US. 

By the mid 20th century gambling had been legalised in many countries around the world, and this provided the impetus for a genuine slots industry to begin in earnest. Several decades on and slots are by far the most popular gambling game around, something that is largely down to the development of online slots. But here’s the thing: are the high-value slot symbols always relevant to the game theme? Read on to find out or join to view.

The first slot machine symbols 

So then, in order to fully understand whether high-value slot symbols are always relevant to the game theme it is worth having a quick look at the history of slot machine symbols in general. Back in the incredibly early days of slot machines, before Charles D. Fey had worked his magic, slot machine symbols usually just embodied the popular poker combinations of the day. 

Charles D. Fey created the Liberty Bell slot machine, which proved to be the first commercially viable machine of its kind, and this was also the first machine to use specific symbols to designate the high paying icons. As you might expect, Mr Fey used Liberty Bell as his high-value symbols, a legacy that continues in some games today. 

The distinction between high value and low-value symbols 

It was at this point that the distinction was first made between high value and low-value symbols too, with the rudimentary slot machines that came before not really having any kind of tiered system when it came to the symbols themselves. 

As the slot industry got more and more popular the machine creators would make more and more of a distinction between high value and low-value symbols, mainly to try and attract as many gamblers as possible. 

High-value symbols and video slots 

Whilst there were many high-value slot symbols before the advent of video slots, most of these didn’t really pertain to a specific slot theme, instead of coming under the universal umbrella of high-value icons such as lucky 7s and gold BARS. With the arrival of video slots, however, slot machine developers were able to be a lot more inventive with their slot themes, something that resulted in a wide array of high-value icons.

High-value symbols and online slots 

And if you thought that the array of symbols available on video slot was cool, just you wait until you see what the online slot industry has to offer. These days there is a crazy array of high-value icons, and if you are playing a good online slot they generally tend to slip straight into the slot theme itself.

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