Best 5 Video Games that have been turned into Online Slot Games

Best 5 Video Games that have been turned into Online Slot Games

Best 5 Video Games that have been turned into Online Slot Games

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The 21st century has played home to many different new industries that have found great success over the last couple of decades, in fact, there are actually far too many of these to count if we are honest. However, two industries that you simply cannot deny have blazed their way through the public domain are that of video games and also online slot games at

These two things are at once closely related and also completely different, however, the initial technology and vision with video games and online slot games definitely come from the same place. This is why there are so many online slots on the market today that emulate popular video games from history, read ahead to find out the best 5 video games that have been turned into online slot games. 

Call of Duty 

The Call of Duty franchise pretty much set the benchmark when it comes to first-person shooter games, especially with their flagship title Call of Duty: Modern Warfare that was one of the first games to explore modern warfare and genuine internet connectivity for multiplayer games. 

It is incredibly popular to this day, and therefore it is no surprise that there has been an online slot game directly inspired by it. The slot is everything you would expect it to be, and more!

Tomb Raider 

Lara Croft wowed audiences as the tomb raider, a dare devilish archaeologist intent on finding artifacts that various evil protagonists are trying their best to hide from her. The games were monumentally successful, and it has resulted in a long-standing cultural legacy for the adventure series. 

The Tomb Raider slot game is a faithful interpretation of the popular game series, and the introductions screen even features an exciting cut scene. 

Street Fighter 

Street Fighter is an iconic arcade-style platform fighting game that has been around since the very beginnings of the video game industry. Its legendary status has been solidified over the years by various cultural references, and we are really not surprised it made its way to becoming a slot game. 

It works perfectly on this platform as you might expect, proving itself to be a very popular slot game too  


Zuma is probably the most popular puzzle orientated video game on the planet right now, especially considering it is available to play on pretty much any device you want these days, often for free. 

Its mechanics lends itself easily to the world of slot machines, in which it has been replicated using a classic 5 reel and 20 pay line system. 

Resident Evil 

The definitive zombie horror game, Resident Evil has been captivating gamers for decades now, even having a few feature-length films made from it too. As you might imagine it wasn’t too long before the slots industry jumped on this theme, and the Resident Evil slot does a great job at providing the kind of scary atmosphere that was originally present in the games.

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