Dear Comrade (2019) Vijay Deverakonda Pre-DVDRip | 720p | 480p | 360p

Dear Comrade (2019) Vijay Deverakonda Pre-DVDRip | 720p | 480p | 360p

Dear Comrade (2019) Vijay Deverakonda Pre-DVDRip | 720p | 480p | 360p

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Director: Bharat Kamma

Writer: Bharat Kamma

Stars: Vijay Deverakonda, Rashmika Mandanna, Shruti Ramachandran

A hot-blooded student union leader falls for a state-level cricketer but his anger management issues and violent streak threatens to derail their love story.

Dear Comrade is an intense love story between Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda), a student union leader and Lily (Rashmika Mandanna) a state-level cricketer. Bobby has anger management issues, which he needs to overcome and fight for his love.

The day I become more important to you than cricket, Vijay Deverakonda tells Rashmika at a key moment in Bharat Kamma's Dear Comrade. At the time of viewing, the scene just seems like an aside, a minor cog in the narration. However, Bharat Kamma carefully weaves his narration to circle back to this underlying message — no woman should give up their passion for love. Dear Comrade has drama, anger and loads of passion but the storytelling is elevated by the lead cast and some brilliant cinematography that ensures the film stays with you for long after you leave the theatre. 

When Bobby (Vijay Deverakonda) meets Lilly (Rashmika Mandanna) for the first time, he's a brash, hot-headed student union leader. Inspired by his grandfather, Bobby and his gang of friends call each other Comrade, which we are means a person who stays with you through thick and thin. If Bobby finds anything remotely unjust, he's ready to bash people up for it. He doesn't care about the optics or the politics of it, even if it lands him in trouble. But Lilly takes him by surprise. Not only is she unimpressed by his machismo, she effortlessly holds her own among a gang of men and even thrashes them in a game of cricket. But having lost her brother in a college conflict, Lilly senses danger when she looks at Bobby's violent streak and anger management issues. Can she keep him in check or risk losing him forever? 

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