How to Build New Language Skills with Speechling

How to Build New Language Skills with Speechling

How to Build New Language Skills with Speechling

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Have you ever desired to be able to speak a language fluently? Isn’t it thrilling to learn a new language? People may have different reasons to learn a language. Yes, it is a skill and we know that learning any new skill requires dedication and patience. But what if we said that language learning could be made easy? Smart apps created with intelligent technology can facilitate this process. 

You might come across a plethora of such apps that promise quick learning. If you are already scouting for such apps, you could check out to see how it could help you speak a specific language exactly the way you’ve always dreamt of comfortably speaking in. Remember, it would make sense to choose an appropriate app that focuses on building fluency of speech instead of burdening users with too much reading or memorizing.

The era of language learning apps 

Learning a language on a virtual platform has its pros and cons as well. If you feel that a computer can’t replace a real teacher, it wouldn’t take you long to see things differently. State-of-the-art apps designed to cater to your learning needs can indeed be a better choice over classroom learning. Let’s see how!

If you’ve already made up your mind, it’s time to look for the right teaching tool. It might not be always possible to find a good tutor or a facilitator to help you with the process but that should not kill your desire to learn at all. It is your will that will take you closer to success. Thanks to the technology, now you can easily learn a language without human intervention as well! 

There isn’t a dearth of apps that can enable you to learn any language you want but then let’s remember that not all these apps are created equal. Hence, they have their unique strengths and weaknesses. It would be sensible to choose an app that caters to your specific needs and expectations. 

Any good app that promises to teach you a language should be supportive of your background knowledge. To speak well, you will need to be at least familiar with the basic alphabet. This will enable you to comprehend the phonetics. The symbols, the letters, and their sounds play a vital role in the course of learning. 

How would you pronounce a word or even expand your vocabulary if you aren’t able to read a word, right? Not that you have to fret over it as most apps cover this. Still, they differ widely. You may find that one application focuses on rote learning while the other possibly is purely based on listening and repeating. Start by determining your strengths and needs to determine the app best suited for you. 

The Speechling App and how it works 

Do you want to speak a new language that you’ve never been introduced to? This app might just pave the way ahead. And do you know what’s exclusive about such apps? Yes, it’s about how they prioritize your language learning needs and seamlessly integrate the content with your requirement. So, if you are looking for a tool that doesn’t involve too much reading or memorizing, such well-designed apps could provide you with the perfect motivation. 

How it works

You must know how a chosen application works before jumping into subscribing it and that’s where authentic reviews can help. Let’s see how the app works. Just as you sign up, you will first have to select a language you wish to learn. Simultaneously, choose a language that you prefer to view the translations in. 

You can select from the specific options to begin your sessions on conversations, phrases, and curriculums as desired. Like most top applications, this one also has categorized their core curriculum into three phases, such as beginner, intermediate and advanced levels.

If you are focused on developing your conversational skills, that section facilitates the application of your speaking skills. Modules that involve answering questions, describing pictures, etc. to refine your spoken language are a part of the conversational skill section. If you are looking for a section that allows you to pick and choose particular areas you want to work on, the phrasebook can bring you that opportunity. 

Listening is an integral part of learning a new language and advanced apps make sure you get to listen more of what you want to learn. So, if you hear phrases and repeat them, it can build your language. 

Correspondingly, you can also select the conversation section and answer if you want. This can be done until you’ve reached the goal you’ve set for yourself to learn from that section. Once you are thorough with one topic you can decide to hop on to other topics or exit as desired. 

For those who look forward to a mentor’s assistance, such apps enable your recordings to be reviewed by the coach within a day. And what’s even better is that they are marked based on your performance. You can also expect verbal or personal responses to your recordings which focus on appropriate punctuations and wordings. 

Just like a comprehensive app, it lays out your work and necessary corrections in a format that’s easy to understand. It is the ease of practice on this tool that simplifies the learning of a new language. 

Listening, speaking, recording, and correcting yourself until you’ve got it right is the luxury that such a premium app provides to support your learning efforts. You can always go back to the recording and adjust the speed of the conversations and recordings to take note of the personalized corrections. 

With its emphasis on the target language, this tool can be used to learn a novel one from scratch. Neither do you have to find out what a word or phrase means in your native language, nor translate it. So, it’s just picking the target language; thanks to modules that involve conversations and illustrative picture descriptions. 

Finding a free app isn’t difficult but one that facilitates the learning session via the use of your target language is a good deal. It is only the quality apps that compel students to use the target language in learning to speak it. So, you’ll find yourself select the language you aim to learn. Now, isn’t that fascinating? 

When you learn a particular language, in the process you also strengthen the ones you already know. That’s because you are prompted to think in the language you already know and when doing that you refine the one you know as well. 

In some apps like the Speechling, you don’t hear the target language in the dictation section. That’s because you would be expected to write in the target language upon hearing what is dictated in your native language. Such practice sessions make it possible for learners to improve their conversational skills. Click here to read how dictation can help in learning a language.

Things to look out for in your chosen app

Any app’s benefits can be maximized when they are updated and the same goes with this language learning tool. Little smart changes such as the introduction of those mini-games play the role of tactics to beckon learners to come back and work on newer languages as well. 

You can’t ignore it when a free app such as offers such a high grade of learning. Things like its availability on the smartphone and special access to offline content are note-worthy as they all contribute to its responsiveness and user-friendly interface. 

It is always better to use an app that allows learners the ease of learning. The feasibility of signing up from your social media account such as FB, compatibility across a range of devices, all add up to increasing an app’s accessibility for its users. New users can also look for the foundation module that facilitates basic of a new language to enable smoother learning. 

Robotic teaching could obstruct the flow required in learning a language. What’s special about premium apps such as Speechling is that it includes human intervention to make it more realistic. Your work is reviewed by a real coach is undoubtedly reassuring as it adds a personalized touch. 

Choose an app that builds on your listening skills 

An app like this offers sections that help you to improve your listening comprehension. This is indispensable when it comes to learning a language. The feature and its layout make it convenient to practice. Isn’t it an advantage to be able to hear a sentence in your target language followed by the translation in any language you would want? The possibility of changing modules makes it all the more interesting. 

Did you wish for an audio clip to be followed by the content written out? From practicing speaking a sentence to listening and reading it, you can do it all! When the self-evaluation tools are created intuitively, you cannot miss them. 

Flashcards make it interesting as you can simply flip over a card to check for the translation of a recorded message that you hear and feed in your answer to mark it right or wrong. Such objective evaluations make learning fun.

From fill in the blanks to multiple-choice questions and more, a good app breaks the monotony with its innovative approach. 


Like many other language learning apps, this one also has its drawbacks. If you are planning to enhance your speaking abilities in a foreign language, such apps are a go-to tool for sure. Yes, you will need to be self-motivated and have a basic understanding of the language you intend to learn to make the most of such apps. 

It’s advisable to listen to the target language from other sources as well. Simply practicing on an app may not be enough to help you learn the specific sounds of any language. Although the app can enable you to identify your mistakes, you might feel caught when it comes to fixing them. And that won’t be easy unless you’ve worked on strengthening your foundation. 

Look for updates to make most of the hints on improving pronunciation. But that’s not enough and you might need to depend on external resources for refining your pronunciation. Although pronunciation is well-handled, you may want to gain an in-depth understanding of the grammar or vocabulary of a new language. 

As far as the proficiency to speak is concerned, this app does a decent job. Get expert advice on how to enhance your clarity of speech at


Most quality language learning apps have a library of sentences ranging from simple to complex ones that focus on grammatical points and this you can find in this app as well. Trained female and male speakers give their voice to these sentences so that what you hear is crisp and of high-quality. 


You can always choose the gender you want to hear as men and women are known to speak differently. Such exclusive features add value as they allow you to customize your skill-building needs. Simple working makes an app a hit among its users. 


Smooth recording facility where all you can instantly record your voice from your smartphone or device browser is helpful. Once you’ve recorded, you can listen to it and simultaneously check with the native speaker’s delivery to evaluate your performance. 


It is the cutting-edge technology that also allows learners to follow the waveforms of the recorded message and compare it with that of the tutors. You can save it and ask for feedback from a certified coach. It is such smart apps that save your recordings on the site and allow you to track your progress with time. 


Visiting a foreign land, worried how would you communicate? Learning common travel phrases could help! Yes, on language learning applications like this one, you can learn how to place an order in a restaurant or ask for directions, etc. 


Unlimited feedback on your pronunciation, many sentences for practice, actual speakers of both genders all add up to the benefits you can derive look forward to when using this app. However, this isn’t as prompt and as efficient when it comes to building grammar and vocabulary skills. 

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