Kota Factory (2019) Season 1 Complete

Kota Factory (2019) Season 1 Complete

Kota Factory (2019) Season 1 Complete

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Just yesterday my roomie told me about this web series. Hearing this dialogue from him, I was compelled to view the episode. Not because this dialogue is very interesting or true, rather it being so damn untrue. I’ve studied both at Allen Kota as well as FIITJEE Bhopal, so I can really compare it to its zenith. Let us see.

I joined Allen Kota right after class ten, so called their “Nurture” course. During these years, I made a very deep analysis of how the system actually works. The system is pretty same in all the biggies i.e. Allen, Resonance, Vibrant and Bansal. A few newer institutes like Nucleus were setup later, so we won’t be discussing them.

Now, what actually is happening in this so called Kota Factory? Lets discuss the selection ratio of JEE Advanced , as I saw in the Enthusiast Course (Class twelfth). I can recall, there were around fifteen batches in total for class twelfth. I had friends in almost every batch. I will call it a meaningful selection if a General category student obtains an all India rank less than eight thousand in JEE Advanced and equivalent in other categories. (Infact, do you know that more than half of the students getting a rank beyond five thousand take a drop in kota? Yes, their selection is counted twice!). The “actual” data, which isn't discussed beyond the result department of the institute was somewhat like:

Kota Factory (2019) Season 1 Complete: Dedicated to Shrimati SL Loney ji, Shri Irodov ji and Maanniya HC Verma ji, ‘Kota Factory’ is TVF’s latest original. India’s first ‘Black and White’ show highlights the problems present day IIT-JEE aspirants face in their day-to-day lives.

That’s not to say Kota Factory and its breezy five-episode season celebrates, or even endorses, our lopsided education system. Or specifically Kota, the epicentre of institutional dream-selling. It simply shows the young souls who have chosen to navigate it. Vaibhav and his Prodigy Classes friends serve as a peephole into a world that does not have the luxury to be accessorized with plot twists and airy coming-of-age arcs. The “tread carefully” disclaimers, however, are built into the show’s physicality. There’s the stark monochromatic palette, which can be construed as a nod to the colourless and tunnel-visioned two years of Kota’s 2 lakh teenaged IIT-Jee aspirants. The final lapse into colour, though, indicates that perhaps the black-and-whiteness had more to do with Vaibhav’s emotional circularity as a Kota climber. Then there’s a searing monologue in the very first episode by Jeetu Sir (the excellent Jitendra Kumar), a character dropped into the factory as a homage (notice the way he is introduced in a parody-like hero montage) to cinema’s “cool professor” stereotype. His monologue – one that ruthlessly deconstructs the ecosystem (“It takes 7 years to get over these 2 years,” “every batch is divided into rankers and (our) bankers”) – is not just a rude shock to newbie Vaibhav, but also an eye-opener to those who plan to waltz into Kota under a cloud of rose-tinted college movies.

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