4 Creative Breakthroughs

4 Creative Breakthroughs

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What you will learn

Never get stuck for ideas Get better results, faster Avoid creative frustration


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The Dreamer

Section 3: The Explorer

Section 4: The Maker

Section 5: The Power of the Process

Course Description

In just one hour, this course is going to help you overcome 4 major creativity issues artists of every creative field struggle with on daily basis. If you are a creative with 3 years of experience or less, this 1 hour is going to literally save you years of frustration. The one response I keep getting from people who saw this lecture is: I wish I'd heard this lecture years ago. Who is the target audience? Writers Fashion designers Web and graphic designers Animators Architects & interior designers Game & App developers Anyone who needs more control over their creativity