A beginner's journey to Computers and Python

A beginner's journey to Computers and Python

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What you will learn

Draw a sophisticated outline of a computer Program basic games with Python


Section 1: Computer architecture

Section 2: Programming languages

Section 3: Programming with Python

Course Description

There aren't enough moderately paced and scripted courses on Udemy. I have therefore taken the initiative to create a moderately paced and scripted course on the architecture of computers and Python. Whether you have or haven't programmed before; this course offers you the perfect opportunity to approach Python, the world's most powerful and popular programming language, the right way. Prior to learning how to program with Python, you will learn about how computers work and how they allow individuals and companies to write systems software (IOS, Android, et cetera), and applications software (Whatsapp, Itunes, et cetera). Mediocrity dictates programmers to learn a programming language. That's it. Plain and simple. Excellence dictates programmers to understand the fundamentals of computer science, i.e computer architecture, and to learn a programming language! Though it's a harder route to pursue, it'll reveal itself as far more rewarding than the first! Take this easily understandable, clearly laid out course if you're sick and tired of mediocrity and ready for excellence! Some of the topics we will cover in this course Logic gates (AND, OR, NOT) Software and Hardware CPU, RAM, ALU, Control unit, Secondary memory Difference between formal languages and natural languages Syntax Semantics Types of programming languages (High level vs Low level) History of Python Numbers Variables Strings Lists Tuples Dictionaries Conditions Loops Programming an enjoyable game Target audience for this course Beginners having yet to program their first line of code Hobbyists wishing to pursue a worthwhile activity Programmers switching languages to Python Anyone up for an intellectual challenge Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to learn to program Future programmers