ARKit and Unity : Build a Drivable Car in Augmented Reality

ARKit and Unity : Build a Drivable Car in Augmented Reality

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What you will learn

  • Learn to make a Realistic Drivable car using ARKit
  • Use Focus Square (yellow colour quad) to place objects elegantly.
  • Learn to interact with 3D virtual objects in AR
  • Increase your skills in Unity 3D on a basic / intermediate level
  • Understand how to use the ARKit Augmented Reality package
  • Learn to add realistic shadows in unity
  • Learn how to animate objects such as car doors
  • Learn how to work with lightning in unity to add realistic effect to objects.
  • Learn to work with the unity physics system
  • Learn how the "ARHitTestExample" script works


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The Unity ARKit Plugin

Section 3: Main functionality of the car

Section 4: Adding Awesome features to our Car

Course Description

Make a Realistic Drivable car in Augmented Reality (AR) using Unity and ARKit framework.


  • Should know at least one object oriented language
  • Basic Knowledge of unity will be helpful
  • Should have a mac and a supported iOS device (an iOS device having A9 chip or higher i.e iPhone 6s and higher)


Augmented reality is here to stay.  If you are looking for a new extremely useful skill, this is your course. Augmented Reality is so much popular right now!!

According to the recent reports, Augmented Reality is going to be a billion dollar industry by 2023.

We are going to build an Augmented Reality app using ARKit and Unity which will be able to place a Virtual model of the Car in the real world and we will be able to drive that car. (Sounds cool, Looks even more cool)

Things you are going to learn : 

  • Drive the Car using touch screen buttons.
  • Realistic suspension/ physics system / shockers.
  • Change the color of the Car.
  • Reflective metallic surface of the car which will give it a realistic look.
  • Realtime shadow of the car.
  • Door open / close animations.
  • Switch on / off the headlights of the car.
  • Learn about ARKit plugin.

Augmented Reality is the next big thing.

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn How to make a drivable realistic car in Augmented Reality using ARKit.