AWS for DevOps: High Availability and Elasticity

AWS for DevOps: High Availability and Elasticity

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Course Description

In this course, instructor Lynn Langit teaches learners how to use AWS design patterns, tools, and best practices for high availability (HA) and effective application scaling (elasticity). This includes the use of AWS patterns for HA and scaling in both serverless and server-based applications, along with approaches for front-end, middle, and database application tiers. Plus, learn to use the core scripting tool—the AWS CLI—to write and run scripts for automation, and scale your solutions up, down, in, and out.

What you will learn

Simplifying HA with services Metrics, tools, and levels of monitoring Self-healing architectures Scaling S3, EC2, ECS, Lambda, ElastiCache, and more Script and code tools Setting up the AWS CLI and SDK Using third-party tools


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. Availability and Elasticity Approaches

Section 3: 2. Availability and Elasticity for Services

Section 4: 3. AWS Tools for Availability and Elasticity

Section 5: 4. Advanced and Third-Party Tools

Section 6: Conclusion