Bash Scripting Solutions [Video]

Bash Scripting Solutions [Video]

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Course Description

Automate tedious repetitive tasks, manage your system efficiency, and become an effective seasoned Bash user In Linux, one of the most commonly used and most powerful tools is the Bash shell. With its collection of engaging recipes, Bash solutions takes you through a series of exercises designed to teach you how to effectively use the Bash shell in order to create and execute your own scripts. The course starts by introducing you to the basics of using the Bash shell, and teaching you the fundamentals of generating any input from a command. With the help of a number of exercises, you will get to grips with automating daily tasks for sysadmins and power users. Once you have a hands-on understanding of the subject, you will move on to exploring more advanced projects that can solve real-world problems comprehensively on a Linux system. In addition to this, you will discover projects such as creating an application with a menu, beginning scripts on startup, parsing and displaying human

-readable information, and executing remote commands with authentication using self-generated Secure Shell (SSH) keys. By the end of this course, you will have gained significant experience in solving real-world problems, from automating routine tasks to managing your systems and creating your own scripts. All the code and supporting files for this course are available on Github at

What you will learn

This video course introduces several key concepts of the Bash scripting language that you will need to master to begin writing functional scripts. Starting with input/output and string manipulation, the course moves progressively toward writing an application or daemon, using scripts for system/user tasks, and finally creating several unique mini-projects. Filled with best practices and tricks, this course provides you with everything possible to save you time and help you get things done easily on any Linux system.


Section 1: Crash Course in Bash

Section 2: Acting Like a Typewriter and File Explorer

Section 3: Understanding and Gaining File System Mastery

Section 4: Making a Script Behave Like a Daemon

Section 5: Scripts for System Administration Tasks

Section 6: Scripts for Power Users

Section 7: Writing Bash to Win and Profit

Section 8: Advanced Scripting Techniques