Become AWS Certified - Solutions Architect Associate (CSA)

Become AWS Certified - Solutions Architect Associate (CSA)

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What you will learn

  • Certified AWS Developers earn on average $125,000 - become a certified professional with this course

  • Pass the AWS Certified Solution Architect Exam first time and get your globally recognized certification


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: AWS Basics

Section 3: Security

Section 4: S3

Section 5: Storage Services

Section 6: EC2

Section 7: EC2 Management

Section 8: EC2 Scaling and Availability

Section 9: Monitoring

Section 10: Route 53

Section 11: Databases

Section 12: Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

Section 13: Application Services

Course Description

Everything You Need to Pass your AWS Solutions Architect - Associate Exam. Lectures, Demos, and Lab Manual & More!


  • AWS Free Tier Account (I will show you how to sign up)
  • A Windows, Mac, or Linux computer


This course is not just videos! It includes a detailed lab manual with 26 exercises that you can complete. But there are great videos as well, including over 25 live demos. The lectures are full of illustrations that will help you understand the concepts behind the technology.

Are you looking for the best possible AWS Training? Learn from an experienced instructor that has taught the official AWS curriculum for Amazon.

This course aligns to the AWS Certified Solutions Architect (CSA) - Associate Exam. Absolute AWS beginners will be able to follow along with this course easily. There is no programming experience required.

The course begins with a high level overview of many AWS products. Most lectures are around 5 - 10 minutes long. Some topics require in-depth knowledge, and go longer.

To access the labs you will register for a free account with TrainerTests. There is no charge, and access to the lab materials are permanent.

Who this course is for:

  • No AWS experience is required
  • System Administrators, Network Engineers, and Solution Architects
  • Developers that need to create AWS-friendly applications