Blues Guitar: Learn to Play

Blues Guitar: Learn to Play

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Course Description

Blues rhythm guitar is an integral part of the blues. Essentially, it's what guitarists do between solos—which ends up being a substantial portion of any gig. It helps you find your groove with the rhythm section. In this course, follow Steve Trovato as he shows how to play blues rhythm guitar. Although the blues is a somewhat unstructured discipline that welcomes riffing and personal interpretation, the 50+ examples that Steve provides are presented in a structured, easy-to-follow manner, so it's easier for you to learn from them. Each example has a four-measure intro, or turnaround, which gives you four measures to figure out the tempo and the feel of the tune before you start playing.

What you will learn

Tuning The medium shuffle Straight eighths The blues/rock shuffle Uptown/jump blues Slow blues Mambo blues Practicing techniques such as slides, bending, vibrato, and the trill and the rake Funky straight eighths Blues rock


Section 1: 1. Introduction

Section 2: 2. The Medium Shuffle

Section 3: 3. Straight Eighths

Section 4: 4. The Blues/Rock Shuffle

Section 5: 5. Uptown/Jump Blues

Section 6: 6. Slow Blues

Section 7: 7. Mambo Blues

Section 8: 8. Techniques

Section 9: 9. Medium Shuffle

Section 10: 10. Funky Straight Eighths

Section 11: 11. Blues-Rock

Section 12: 12. Uptown/Jump Blues

Section 13: 13. Slow Blues

Section 14: 14. Mambo Blues

Section 15: Conclusion