Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase

Build a Slack Chat App with React, Redux, and Firebase

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What you will learn

  • Create full-stack apps with React, Redux and Firebase, among other tools in the React ecosystem
  • Make complete React apps from scratch, from setting up their dev environment to deployment on the web
  • Integrate Redux and Firebase with React apps using straightforward, practical patterns
  • Learn every major part of Firebase 5--the real-time database, storage, rules, listeners and deployment with Firebase tools


Section 1: Required / Optional Tools

Section 2: Project Setup

Section 3: User Authentication with Firebase

Section 4: Form Validation and Authentication Error Handling

Section 5: Integrate Redux for Global State

Section 6: Building Out Chat Console

Section 7: Adding / Displaying Public Channels

Section 8: Adding / Displaying Messages on Public Channels

Section 9: Adding / Uploading Messages with Media Files

Section 10: Sending Direct Messages to Users

Section 11: Notifications for New Messages on Public Channels

Section 12: Starred Component to Favorite / Unfavorite Channels

Section 13: MetaPanel Component to Display Channel Info

Section 14: Color Picker to Change App Colors

Section 15: Change and Edit User Avatar Images

Section 16: Display Animation when Users Typing

Section 17: Adding Emoji Picker, Loading Skeleton, Automatic Scroll to Bottom, Key Shortcuts

Section 18: Removing Listeners, Securing our App with Firebase Rules

Section 19: Deploying our App with Firebase Tools

Course Description

Create a complete, full-stack chat application from front to back with React, Redux, Firebase 5, and Semantic UI React


  • Some experience with React (i.e. having built a couple of projects with React Create App)
  • Prior knowledge of ES6 features will help (spread operators, destructuring, object shorthand syntax)


Interested in building impressive full-stack apps with React, Redux and Firebase? This is the course for you!

Here's what we will cover:

  • Creating a complete Slack chat application with React, Redux, and Firebase 5 from scratch
  • Sending and receiving messages instantly with the real-time Firebase Database
  • Uploading and displaying image messages using Firebase Storage
  • Notifications to display new messages in other channels
  • Sending Direct Messages to other users in our chat
  • Tracking / showing when users are online / offline
  • Searching messages within created channels
  • Custom animations to see when other users are typing in the same channel
  • Creating, cropping and uploading user avatars
  • The ability to favorite / unfavorite public channels
  • Add emojis to our messages with an Emoji Picker component
  • User authentication with Firebase
  • Form validation for our Login and Register forms
  • State management with Redux, with simple, straightforward patterns
  • Creating stunning user interfaces with Semantic UI React
  • Essential features of React Router 4 (Switch component, withRouter HOC, history object)
  • Tons of work with ES6 / 7
  • Helpful browser tools such as React / Redux Dev Tools
  • Securing our application with Firebase Rules
  • Deploying our chat app to the web using Firebase Tools
  • Keyboard shortcuts to rapidly send messages
  • And more!

What will be building in this course?

Throughout this course, we'll be building a live chat app for developers called DevChat, where users will be able to create channels, to send messages to other users on those channels, send media files, see when other users are typing, add emojis to their messages, favorite and unfavorite channels they like or dislike, and get notifications about new messages on other channels. 

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who has at least two months of experience with the JavaScript library React
  • React developers interested in making functional, real-world apps
  • Developers looking for more experience with the JavaScript language in a practical setting