Build a Web Browser for Android - 2 hour Android Projects

Build a Web Browser for Android - 2 hour Android Projects

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What you will learn

Build amazing web browsers where I will be able use the internet and visit various websites Make powerful Android Projects from start to finish Learn Android Programming, Java coding for backend and XML for building the UI of Android Build amazing mobile web browsers quickly without having to think too much 2 hours of Full HD video material divided into 20 downloadable lectures


Section 1: Introduction to Android Project

Section 2: Android Development Basics

Section 3: Building the Avenger Web browser

Section 4: Adding Features to Avenger Browser

Section 5: Conclusion

Course Description

Note! This course price will increase to $200 as of 1st October 2018 . The price will increase regularly due to updated content. Last update - August, 2018 Have you always wanted to build an amazing looking web browser but lacked the skills? Do you want to build a powerful web browser for android but you are a beginner? May be you don't even know how web browsers are made and what goes behind making one? Or may be you want to learn android development and at the same time build awesome android projects. What if I told you that, with only basic understanding of android development you can actually create wonderful web browsers for Android from scratch. Reviews "This android development course has exceeded all expectations so far. Now I have an understanding of the process that goes behind making a mobile web browser. This android project was challenging and interesting at the same time. I was able to complete the web browser project without facing any difficulty. The instructor is helpful and understanding." - Joe Hardy "The concepts are really well explained and I was able to complete the android project without any problem" - Dalan Ronny In this course I will try to cover every concept of building a web browser from start to finish for the android platform. We use the Google supported Android Studio build this web browser. We will learn about various features of Android Studio platform and learn about the Java language. Then step-by-step we will develop our android browser and add features to it. Finally, we will learn how to launch our android projects on Android Play Store. Why choose me as an instructor? Why buy this course among all those other courses? When i was a kid i saw this YouTube video on how make a folder invisible on Windows I was so fascinated with this idea. Since then my love for technology has only grown. I understand the people who are passionate about learning new things. At the end of each section we will take a quiz to check up on your skills and see if we’re ready for the next section. We will create this project together from start to finish. So, why wait? If all this sounds great to you, Press on “Take this Course” and start learning today! 100% money-back guarantee!