Cassandra for Beginners

Cassandra for Beginners

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What you will learn

  • Install Oracle VirtualBox

  • Install Ubuntu-Linux

  • Install Cassandra

  • Create a keyspace

  • Alter Keyspace

  • Create Table

  • Alter Table

  • Create Data

  • Update data

  • Truncate table

  • Drop table

  • Create Index

  • Create a table with set collection

  • Create table with list collection

  • Create table with map collection


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Course Description


  • Basic knowledge of SQL would help but not mandatory
  • Knowledge of relational database management systems will help but not mandatory


Cassandra is a distributed database from Apache that is highly scalable and designed to manage very large amounts of structured data. It provides high availability with no single point of failure.

Apache Cassandra is a NoSQL database capable of handling large amounts of data that change rapidly. In this course, learn about the architecture of this popular database, and discover how to design Cassandra data models that support scalable applications. The course highlights the differences between Cassandra and relational databases, discusses the Cassandra Query Language (CQL).

The course starts off with the installation of Oracle's Virtualbox and ubuntu-Linux followed by the installing of Cassandra on the Ubuntu-Linux virtual machine. The course then covers a basic introduction of Cassandra followed by its architecture, installation, and  how to perform operations such as create, alter, update, and delete on keyspaces, tables, and indexes using CQLSH 

Topics include:

  • Installation of Oracle's VirtualBox
  • Installation of Ubuntu-Linux
  • Installation of Java JDK
  • Installation of Cassandra
  • Introduction to Cassandra Query Language -CQL
  • creating a keyspace
  • Altering a keyspace
  • Dropping a keyspace
  • Creating a table
  • Inserting data into a table
  • Reading data from a table
  • Updating data in a table
  • Deleting a table
  • Using Batch for multiple modification operations
  • Altering a table
  • Creating Index
  • Truncating a table
  • Dropping a table
  • Creating a table with Set collection
  • Creating a table with List collection
  • Creating a table with Map collection

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner Database Administrators
  • Beginner Data Analyst
  • Anyone who wants to learn something new