Cloud Computing and Virtualization: An Introduction

Cloud Computing and Virtualization: An Introduction

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What you will learn

This is an introductory course to understand the concepts of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Computer Networks in general. In this course, the lessons are designed with minimal technical jargons to ensure anyone with little knowledge about computers or IT can gain a basic understanding on the above concepts. This course may act as an essential pre-requisite for those who aim to take any computing related training – specifically in Cloud Computing (e.g. Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure), Cyber Security or any computer network related course. If you are an IT person, you probably would not find anything new in this course; but may get help from this course to clarify your understanding on the topics covered. This is a basic and beginner level course.


Section 1: Why Take This Course?

Section 2: Cloud Computing and Virtualization

Section 3: Computer Networks

Course Description

Overall Course Objective: To understand basic concepts of Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Computer Networks. Learning Outcomes: Understand what is Cloud Computing. Understand What is Virtualization. Understand Cloud Types and Cloud Service Deployment Models (IaaS*, PaaS*, SaaS*). Learn How to Create Virtual Machines (VM) using Hypervisors (type-2). Understand Computer Networks and IP Addressing. * IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service * PaaS – Platform as a Service * SaaS – Software as a Service Course Outline: Cloud Computing: Concept, Definition, Cloud Types and Service Deployment Models. Concept of Virtualization Demonstration of Virtualization using Type-2 Hypervisor and VMs Creating a VM and install Kali Linux on the VM Demonstration of IaaS, PaaS and SaaS through real life examples Computer Networks: Concept, Gateway, Router, Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN). IP Address: Concept, Public IP, Private IP, IPv4, Subnet. AAA (Accounting, Authentication and Authorization): Concept, Real Life Demonstration of AAA. Who is the target audience? Anyone who is interested to learn the basic concepts of Cloud Computing, Virtualisation and Computer Networks in general. The course is for anyone with or without IT background.