Complete Regular Expressions Bootcamp - Go from zero to hero

Complete Regular Expressions Bootcamp - Go from zero to hero

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What you will learn

You will learn about Regular Expressions, their logic and philosophy You will be able to use Regular Expressions and understand it Able to work with data, search and match information required Learn a skill needed by all who use Computer Programmers will save time and write better code


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Regular Expressions Basics I

Section 3: Regular Expressions Basics II

Section 4: Character Sets

Section 5: Repetition with Quantifiers

Section 6: Anchors and Boundaries

Section 7: Groups and Backreferencing

Section 8: Assertions - Lookaround

Section 9: Regex Problem Solving Technique with Examples

Course Description

Hello and Welcome to the complete Regular Expressions Bootcamp - Learn how to use Regular Expression or regex from scratch. This course will help you to go from zero to hero in Regex for all Programming languages. Regular Expressions are made easy so that everyone can understand with examples. If you are a student or office worker, learn the skill with in a day or a few days depending on your schedule. This course is designed such that you learn Regular Expressions efficiently and FAST with logic and philosophy of regex. You don't have to copy regex code but you learn the skill its idea and application. Complex topics like Assertions, lookaround lookahead and lookbehind simplified so that everyone can understand. Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to learn Regular Expressions efficiently and FAST Beginners, Programmers, developers Anyone who deals with data like data worker, data scientist Students facing a hard time learning Regular expressions