CS101 Learn to Code with Python

CS101 Learn to Code with Python

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What you will learn

How to code in Python at a University Level. How to solve University programming problems to maximize your credit. How to code in Python well enough to land a job.


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Project 1: Install Python and Introduction

Section 3: Project 2: Class Grades if, if else, else

Section 4: Project 3: Visualize Loops & Functions with Turtle

Section 5: Project 4: Class grade loops and functions

Section 6: Project 5: IO

Section 7: Conclusion Wrap up

Course Description

Hello Students! Welcome to CS101 Programming with Python. This is very similar to an ABET Engineering board approved Python course that I teach at the City University of Seattle. You get all the experience of a trained and talented university instructor who is also an engineer with over 20 years of experience. I also have a Bachelors and Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering and Master level Certifications in Python, Java and Machine learning. I have been programming in numerous programming languages for over 20 years. Learning to code is hands on endeavor. I show you how to download Python 3 for free. I also show how to use an online Python 3 compiler so you can get started right away no download no install just jump right in. I teach you basic Python with 5 projects designed to be taught in a 10 week course. I give you the basic information in advance to complete the projects, I assign the project provide some tips and then challenge you to complete the programming project. After your challenge I provide the full solutions to the project. Feel free to ask questions in the shell and discus the assignments with your classmates just like in a university setting. Once you work through the 5 programming assignments you will understand and be able to program basic Python at a professional level.