DevOps: Automate your infrastructure using Ansible and IaC

DevOps: Automate your infrastructure using Ansible and IaC

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What you will learn

You will get introduced to Infrastructure-As-Code (IaC) and learn what it is all about. Learn why automating your infrastructure is important (especially in fast paced agile environment) You will learn how to deploy and configure your infrastructure automatically with Ansible and its various modules You will get familiar with Ansible playbooks and its various sections You will learn how to author, use and distribute new Ansible roles You will learn how to automate the deployment and management of your AWS cloud resources


Section 1: Introduction And Welcome

Section 2: Introduction To Ansible

Section 3: Run And Execute Ansible Tasks

Section 4: Deep Dive Into Ansible Playbooks

Section 5: Putting It All Together With Ansible

Section 6: Manage AWS Cloud Resources With Ansible

Section 7: Conclusion

Course Description

This online DevOps course will teach you how to build sophisticated Infrastructure as Code (IaC) playbooks and roles using Ansible and many of its modules and plugins. This course is designed to teach you the ins and outs of Ansible and setting up DevOps pipelines, even if you have little to no experience with it, to help implement these DevOps practices which will streamline your development processes. Master Ansible and Ansible tasks, playbooks, modules and roles. Get familiar with advanced DevOps techniques and take your DevOps career to the next level. While there are plenty of DevOps courses that focus on generic continuous integration and continuous delivery practices - it's hard to find a comprehensive course like this one, which focuses on teaching you Infrastructure-As-Code from the ground up using some of the most useful modules in the Ansible ecosystem. This course is designed for all levels of DevOps practitioners who want to improve their skills, implement automation in their environments, and continue to be in great demand as DevOps engineers. Just a few of the things you'll learn: Understand What Ansible Is All About How To Install, Configure And Operationalize Ansible Ansible Tasks, Playbooks, Modules and Roles How To Build Your Own Ansible Playbooks To Deploy Your Infrastructure Automatically How To Write Your Own Ansible Roles And Share Them With Others How To Manage Your AWS Cloud Resources Using Ansible Playbooks