Discrete Math Series : Set Theory & Algebra masterclass

Discrete Math Series : Set Theory & Algebra masterclass

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What you will learn

What you'll learn

  • Master Discrete Mathematics
  • Master set theory and algebra
  • Get ready for advanced topics of Discrete mathematics like group theory , functions
  • Get ready for research in computer science


Section 1: Sets - Basics

Section 2: Relations

Section 3: Reflexive relation

Section 4: Irreflexive relation

Section 5: Symmetric relation

Section 6: Anti symmetric relation

Section 7: Asymmetric relation

Section 8: Transitive relation

Section 9: Equivalence relation and Partially Ordered Relation

Section 10: Hasse Diagam

Course Description

Learn Discrete Mathematics from scratch as Discrete Mathematics form the core of Computer Science


  • Have a PC with internet connection
  • Even zero knowledge in discrete mathematics is fine - I will teach you everything


Mastering Discrete Math ( Discrete mathematics ) is such a crucial event for any computer science engineer. Any subject in computer science will become much more easier after learning Discrete Mathematics . Set theory is a very important topic in discrete mathematics . The applications of set theory today in computer science is countless. So mastering set theory at the start of discrete mathematics course is great. It helps to understand other topics like group theory , functions , etc. Even group theory , functions are also very important parts of Discrete Mathematics . 

This course on Set theory which is part of Discrete Mathematics is the best course in the internet about Discrete mathematics . The best thing about the course is it assumes absolutely nothing from the students. A student dont even need to know what is meant by Discrete Mathematics before starting this course . He will still be able to master the concepts of Discrete Mathematics in such an easy way. 

Who this course is for:

  • Any computer science student
  • Anybody who is interested to do a research in computer science
  • Any Engineer who wants to build logical thinking
  • Any Engineer
  • Anybody who likes to analyse mathematics
  • Any body who is preparing for exams like GATE , PGEE , ISRO etc.
  • Anybody who wants to master set theory
  • Anybody who wants to understand advanced concepts of Discrete Mathematics
  • Anybody who wants to learn Discrete Mathematics from scratch
  • Anyone who wants to learn set theory from scratch

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