Django & Python: complete BUNDLE + Django real project 2020

Django & Python: complete BUNDLE + Django real project 2020

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What you will learn

  • Learn the fundamentals of programming
  • Learn the Python Programming Language
  • Learn the Django & Bootstrap frameworks
  • write a code for a real-world Python program
  • Create a real world website with Python Django
  • learn create UI with TKInter
  • create and run real world text based RPG game


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Variables Introduction

Section 3: IDE

Section 4: Print tech

Section 5: Virtual and Linux and IDE

Section 6: Boolean

Section 7: List , Conditional , Loop , Input

Section 8: Tuple and Dictionary

Section 9: While Loop

Section 10: Good method

Section 11: Functions

Section 12: RPG Game

Section 13: Classes

Section 14: Files

Section 15: Try and except

Section 16: JSON

Section 17: Try and except final

Section 18: TKINTER installing

Section 19: Tkinter Components

Section 20: Django 01 Introduction

Section 21: Django 02 Run first web site

Section 22: Django 03 Start app

Section 23: Django 04 Bootstrap

Section 24: Django 05 add html to project

Section 25: Django 06 Site setting

Section 26: Django 07 Make news app

Section 27: Django 08 make admin panel

Section 28: Django 09 Make add news page

Section 29: Django 10 Upload files

Section 30: Django 11 Date and Time

Section 31: Django 12 Delete records and files

Section 32: Django 13 categories

Section 33: Django 14 Edit Data

Section 34: Django 15 Add editor

Section 35: Django 16 Use category in template

Section 36: Django 17 Menu

Section 37: Django 18 Authenticate

Section 38: Django 19 Make site setting

Section 39: Django 20 News detail

Section 40: Django 21 About and contact page

Section 41: Django 22 Trending

Section 42: Django 23 Change password

Section 43: Django 24 Register

Section 44: Django 25 Groups

Section 45: Django 26 Permissions

Section 46: Django 27 Publish news after check

Section 47: Django 28 NewsLetter

Section 48: Django 29 Random

Section 49: Django 30 Humanize

Section 50: Django 31 Comments

Section 51: Django 32 IP and Location

Section 52: Django 33 Pagination

Section 53: Django 34 For Loop

Section 54: Django 35 CSV files

Section 55: Django 36 Cron tab

Section 56: Django 37 QR code

Section 57: Django 38 Host and Domain

Section 58: Django 39 All news show

Section 59: Django 40 Cpanel

Section 60: Django 41 Upload project

Section 61: Django 42 Serve

Section 62: Django 43 Send Email

Section 63: Django 44 Search

Section 64: Django 45 Force character

Section 65: Django 46 Check box

Section 66: Django 47 API

Section 67: Django 48 Beautiful soup

Section 68: Django 49 SEO

Section 69: Django 50 Rest framwork

Section 70: Django 51 security

Section 71: Django 52 JSON Response

Section 72: Django 53 Session

Section 73: Django 54 Advance search

Course Description

Django and python Bundle: from learning all basic of python to advanced python to UI Design TKINTER and then Django


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please first look at free preview on course about Django at the bottom of this page , you will learn a lot

Here’s a little outline of what we are presenting to you in this course.

We will be covering a number of basic topics and agendas that, by and on themselves, would be enough to get you started as a programmer, even if you may have zero to none prior acquaintance with programming.

The topics include whatever you are going to need as a programmer, we cover very basic topics such as Using Linux, and Best IDE, which are the systematic pre-requirements for your hardware, and from there we set you up on the basics of Python programming language, as the most common programming language used by professionals around the world.

In our basic python programming course we use a lot of examples to make sure that all the points really hit home, topics such as variables, printing techniques, lists, various forms of loops, dictionaries, and tuple, and numerous practical and useful functions and classes are all dealt with through multiple examples that have been tested over and over again by the very best professionals in the game.

To make sure that you have totally mastered the topics, in due course you are going to be presented with entertaining exercises such as designing an rpg game, whose fulfilment is going to require all that you have been taught during the course, in the most involved and practical format possible, to make you thoroughly prepared for the real life projects ahead of you.

On the second level we are going to deal with the more advanced topics on python, with more practically-designed details and examples.

We further elaborate the topic of files, Json, and try and except .

we use tkinter as a platform for our UI course.

Tkinter being universally viewed as the best UI library for python available on the market, will be where we base our further instructions.

We will show you how to install tkinter, and how to apply its various and multilayered components in detail, with topics such as title , label , button , textbox , combo-box , radio button, scroll text, file menu , message box and many more thoroughly elaborated through lots and lots of examples.

With the basic and more advanced topics of python out of the way, now we will be able to enter the practical realms of professional programming, in which we will learn how to make a webpage using the most common and powerful framework available for web-designing, Django.

After being done with its installation manual and set up, we will provide you with a forty hour course, in which we cover all the details on often elaborate topics for starting, improving and creating the ultimate website that would be just as interactive as any that you have ever come across in real life.

So, if you have made up your mind about taking up this course, I need to reassure you again about the wonderful journey that lies ahead of you, through which you are going to walk the path of an ordinary beginner who becomes a professional web-designer.

Who this course is for:

  • beginner and professional