Drawing with Photoshop Sketch

Drawing with Photoshop Sketch

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Course Description

Learn how to incorporate Adobe Photoshop Sketch, the versatile mobile sketching tool from Adobe, into your workflow. Follow Tony Harmer as he walks you through this updated drawing app for the iPad, showing how to navigate the interface and start and manage a project. He explains how to properly use drawing tools like the fine liner, brush pen, and smudge brush, and shares how to override brush settings and use Capture CC to make brushes for Photoshop Sketch. He also shares drawing assistance tips such as using the touch ruler and adding a grid, explains how to work with colors and layers, and breaks down how to use other applications with Photoshop Sketch.

What you will learn

Starting a new project Stylus advice Creating a sketch Using drawing tools Using the touch ruler Working with colors Managing Layers


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. Getting Started

Section 3: 2. Drawing and Drawing Tools

Section 4: 3. Drawing Assistance

Section 5: 4. Working with Colors

Section 6: 5. Layers

Section 7: 6. Sketch and Other Applications

Section 8: Conclusion