Ethical Hacking - USB Keystroke injection with DigiSpark

Ethical Hacking - USB Keystroke injection with DigiSpark

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What you will learn

Write some snippets and understand how DigiSpark Arduino Works


Section 1: Introduction and software

Section 2: DigiSpark payloads

Course Description

Everybody is talking about BadUSB attacks: "If you put anything into your USB [slot], it extends a lot of trust," Karsten Nohl, chief scientist at Security Research Labs in Berlin "The BadUSB attack is quickly gaining global attention, and rightfully so." Ken Jones, VP engineering and product management, IronKey Secure USB Devices "Until strategies and plans to implement protection against firmware manipulation come into play, we can only urge you to be cautious." Niall Mackey And there are real and serious reasons: There is no full proof protections to this new kind of attack. You don't need to be a scripting Guru in order to configure some scripts. Anyone can get this device for as low as 1$ on eBay- Want to know more ? Enrol today and find out a detailed explanation and exclusive scripts to perform your own assessments with this new kind of approach. This course is constantly reviewed and updated with new lessons. Who is the target audience? People focused in new IT security methodologies