Excel VBA and Macros programming for Absolute Beginners

Excel VBA and Macros programming for Absolute Beginners

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What you will learn

Tackle complicated Excel situations Easily Automate Excel and make it do all the work for you Save thousands of hours of your life


Section 1: Introduction to Course

Section 2: Introduction to VBA

Section 3: Basics of VBA Programming

Section 4: VBA Conditional Statements

Section 5: VBA Loops Statements

Section 6: VBA Message Box and Input Box

Section 7: Introduction to Forms

Section 8: VBA_miscellaneous

Section 9: Macro

Course Description

Last Update: 2-July-2017 : Make VBA Speak for us Last Update: 22-June-2017 : Opening Notepad with VBA Last Update: 17-March-2016 : Creating Duplicates exists program Last Update: 6-Feb-2016 : How to paste data to new workbook and save it Did you know that repetition is a curse, if you don't stop then you'll be wasting thousands of hours of your life. As an Excel user, you know that many times you create same sheet, with same formatting and same formulas, again and again. So, you're wasting thousands of hours, which you can spend with your family, or doing other important stuff. Luckily, there is a tool or a language using which you can save those thousand hours of your life by creating a simple program which does the work for you. The program will create the sheet for you, it'll format it for you and it'll insert the formulas you. Not just that It'll protect your data in different ways. Excel VBA, the programming language we're going to learn in this course which'll help you automate your daily tasks more smarter and more easier. You'll be able to tackle different and complicated situations easier. So, don't waste anymore hour or second of your life and take this course immediately, uncover the tools which'll make your life easier. Note: This course is available for free if you can't afford to buy it, just message me and I'll send you the link Who is the target audience? It is for one who wants to learn how powerful VBA is. It is for one who is tired of limitations of Excel.