Flash to Html5

Flash to Html5

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What you will learn

Know the basics of the Phaser Html5 library Be able to put together Html5 banners Be able to build their own Html5 games


Section 1: Setting up your Development Environment for HTML5

Section 2: Basic concepts

Section 3: Making Banners

Section 4: Supercat Game

Course Description

For more than a decade Flash dominated in the world of internet game development. The rise of mobile changed all that. With this course, I will show you how to leverage the knowledge you learned in flash by applying it in a new way with Html5 using the Phaser library. Once with Flash, we were able to build once and publish everywhere, and now we can again! This course will match specific Flash tasks, like adding images to the library and stage, with the Html5 equivalents. We will then take the newfound knowledge and apply it to more building banners and games with code that will work equally well from laptop to smartphone! My goal is to help you learn to use your existing skills to make awesome Html5 content! Who is the target audience? This course is for Flash Developers who wish to transition to HTML5