Fundamentals of Core ML: Machine Learning for iOS

Fundamentals of Core ML: Machine Learning for iOS

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What you will learn

Learn the fundamentals of Core ML Learn about machine learning, Vision, and NLP How to add a machine learning model to a project Convert existing machine learning models for Core ML Getting predictions from machine learning models Classifying images and detecting objects with Vision and Core ML


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Machine Learning

Section 3: Core ML Basics

Section 4: Vision Framework

Section 5: Natural Language Processing

Section 6: Conclusion

Course Description

Learn the basic concepts of Core ML for iOS app development With Core ML, you can integrate trained machine learning models into your apps. In this course, you'll get an an introduction to the Core ML framework. You'll learn how to incorporate Apple's Core ML framework into your app. You'll also get a quick overview of machine learning fundamentals, and exposure to real-world examples of companies using machine learning technology in their iOS apps In this course you'll learn the advantages of using machine learning models, computer vision, and natural language processing in modern apps. Learn about different features and use cases for the Core ML and Vision frameworks, as well as the natural language processing classes. In addition, this course walks through the development of sample apps that leverage different machine learning features. Who is the target audience? iOS Developers Anyone interested in learning about Core ML