How to recover deleted photos and videos: Revealed

How to recover deleted photos and videos: Revealed

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What you will learn

Understand how files are stored on memory cards, and how file recovery is possible. Recover deleted files from memory cards on Windows, MacOS and Linux Recognize early warning signs of problems with memory cards.


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: The Magic of File Recovery Revealed

Section 3: Beginning the project

Section 4: Recovery Process

Section 5: Conclusion and Wrap Up

Course Description

November / 2017: Join over 5000 students in this top rated course! The response has been absolutely overwhelming! Thank you! Have you just discovered you’ve accidentally deleted precious memories from your camera video card? Abandon all hope, or in under an hour - master the most powerful techniques to recover lost photos and videos from memory cards. In the hands on project, you’ll use a spare memory card to: Take a photo Delete the photo Recover the photo on with ease in five steps on: Macintosh (Sierra) Windows (10) or Linux (Ubuntu) Those with lost data can jump directly to step #3!. We also explain exactly: Hhow files are undeleted (and how that works). Early signs to watch out for that your memory card may be suffering problems. What to do the very moment that you realize a photo or video has been lost. In this course you'll need: A Windows, Macintosh or Linux computer. Instructions are provided for MacOS (Sierra), Windows 10, and Ubuntu linux A digital camera and a spare memory card, if your following the project (rather than tying to recover files right away). A means of accessing the memory card on your computer. To use the freely available PhotoRec tool. The website webresizer We invite you to join our growing student community of recovery experts, rescuing precious digital memories for yourself, your friends and family, by using this course. Sign up right now, and we'll see you – on the other side! Who is the target audience? This course is for photographers and everyday people that may need to recover lost photos and videos from memory cards. Anyone interested in becoming a "data recovery guru!".