How to start an ecommerce business Google SEO, ads & Amazon

How to start an ecommerce business Google SEO, ads & Amazon

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What you will learn

You will make more sales You will focus your efforts on most effective sales techniques Master Amazon sales Use long-tail SEO keywords to get ahead of competition Learn my tactics that work See the path to a 6 or 7-figure ecommerce business


Section 1: Welcome to the course and instructor introduction

Section 2: Google SEO and long-tail keywords

Section 3: Amazon and large online retailers

Section 4: Review management on Amazon (and similar on other large platforms)

Section 5: Google shopping ads

Section 6: Retargeting ads with Google AdWords

Section 7: Facebook retargeting ads

Section 8: Email list and autoresponder

Section 9: How to recruit affiliates to resell your product

Course Description

If you sell products online, this course will be an amazing help to you. You will learn: SEO strategies to boost sales How to sell on Amazon How to boost your product landing page conversion How to run highly engaging and inexpensive ads How to run retargeting ads EVERY SECTION IN THIS COURSE WILL HELP YOU BOOST SALES Whether it is a section on being savvy about getting the best reviews possible on Amazon, retargeting ads, voice or traditional SEO, or anything else, every section of this course is geared towards helping you sell more of your products. TREMENDOUS POTENTIAL If you become the #1 seller of a product in almost any niche, you can make a 5-figure or sometimes a 6-figure MONTHLY revenue. You just have to learn to sell, which is exactly what this course does. Don't waste more time struggling to sell products. Turn yourself into a real pro at selling your own product. You owe it to yourself and your business, and everyone who depends on you. Sign up today, and get started!