Instagram Ads For Beginners: Hands On Training

Instagram Ads For Beginners: Hands On Training

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What you will learn

Create your first Instagram Ad campaign Learn different ways of creating Instagram Ads (Facebook Ads manager and Power editor) Grow your business on Instagram and generate traffic and leads


Section 1: Start Here

Section 2: Instagram Ads basics

Section 3: Instagram Ads training: Let's create some Ads

Section 4: Instagram Ads Extras

Section 5: Conclusion and the BONUS

Course Description

Requirements Basic knowledge of Instagram Marketing Basic understanding of Facebook Ads manager and Power Editor Instagram mobile app on your phone Description What if you could use Instagram Ads to Drive traffic to your website or blog Generate email leads Sell your product and services That's exactly what you will learn in this course. Instagram has over 600 million users and only 1 million advertisers. This number is still very low compared to Facebook's 5 million advertisers. This course will help your master Instagram Ads and you will create your first Ad campaign. We all know the importance of Instagram marketing. After taking this course you will master the process of creating Instagram Ads and get ahead of your competition. Here are the topics covered inside Why Instagram Ads are so important Why people FAIL with Instagram Ads and a downloadable planning worksheet Use Facebook Ads manager to create Instagram Ads Use Facebook power editor to create Instagram Ads Use Instagram mobile app to launch your Instagram Ads Different tools you can use to create amazing visuals (FREEBIE) - Get my handmade Instagram images for FREE This course is NOT just theory. It's full of hands on demos and training. I will show you my step by step process to create Instagram Ads. People who mastered Facebook Ads are way ahead of their competition. Don't wait and start learning the Instagram marketing for business esp. Instagram Ads. This course also comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. So there is no risk at all. ENROLL NOW and I will see you on the inside. Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to market their business on Instagram SMB, Marketers and Freelancers