Introduction to the MongoDB

Introduction to the MongoDB

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What you will learn

relational and document databases Explain such data formats as JSON, Extended JSON and BSON Describe most commonly used BSON data types such as ObjectID, Date, String and NumberInt Understand MongoDB structure - Databases, Collections and Documents Explain how MongoDB server is managed using MongoDB Shell Practice insertion of the documents into the collection Use different query methods such as findOne() and operators such as $and, $or, $gt and $ne Understand and utilize update methods such as updateOne() and updateMany() Become familiar with update operators such as $set, $unset and $inc Successfully delete documents from the collection using deleteOne() and deleteMany() methods Explain what is Aggregation Framework, MongoDB Utilities, and Indexes Understand what is external MongoDB driver and what is its the purpose


Section 1: MongoDB Overview

Section 2: MongoDB Installation

Section 3: Data Formats in MongoDB

Section 4: Collection Creation and Documents Insertion

Section 5: Finding Documents

Section 6: Updating Documents

Section 7: Deleting Documents

Section 8: Advanced MongoDB Features

Section 9: Wrap Up

Course Description

Short and Friendly Introduction to the MongoDB. Learn, understand and practice fundamentals of the MongoDB. This course is for total beginners in MongoDB. The goal of the course is to give you an understanding of what is MongoDB, which main features it has and of course try to use those features yourself. **NOTE** This course has edited by hand English Closed Captions (CC) for all lectures. They were also translated into many different languages. Please feel free to enable them in the video player. You will learn how to perform the following actions: Install MongoDB Insert documents into the collections Find documents using different query operators such as $and, $or, $gt Update documents using update operators such as $set and $unset Delete documents You will be also able to explain some advanced MongoDB features such as: Aggregation Framework Indexes MongoDB Utilities MongoDB Replica Set MongoDB external drivers Enroll now and learn basics of MongoDB! Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to get in touch with MongoDB and understand it's main features and capabilities Developers who worked with relational databases such as MySQL and want to expand their knowledge towards document databases Full-stack developers who want to start learning MEAN or MERN stacks - MongoDB is one of the components in those stacks