IoT#1: Python Basics for IoT

IoT#1: Python Basics for IoT

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What you will learn

  • Learn about the exciting field of IoT with Python programming.

  • Learn Why Python, Python Setup, Python shell

  • Learn Python datatypes & variables, Functions in Python, Python Built-In Functions

  • Learn Operators, Control flow statements, Classes in Python, Data Structures in Python

  • Learn Exception Handling, Modules, Reading from and writing to Files, and Standard Python libraries


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Installation and Startup

Section 3: Variables and Datatype

Section 4: Operator

Section 5: Default Parameters in Functions

Section 6: Examples on Arithmetic Operator and Functions

Section 7: Returning Multiple Values from Functions

Section 8: Formatted Output

Section 9: Format Method

Section 10: Comparison Operators and Statements

Section 11: Loop

Section 12: Strings in Python

Section 13: Lists in Python

Section 14: Examples on lists

Section 15: Sets in Python

Section 16: OOP in Python

Section 17: Packages and Modules

Section 18: Packages and OOP Example

Section 19: Dictionaries and Packages

Section 20: Global and Local Variables

Section 21: Decorators

Section 22: Reading From a File

Course Description

Learn all the concepts in Python that we will be using later in IoT. This part is purely on Python.


  • Basic knowledge about electronics & python programming
  • This course is purely on python and will cover all the concepts that will be required at a later stage of IoT. hence, a beginner can also easily take this course


Please note that There are four courses in this series.  They are as follows:

1st Course: Python for IoT Tutorials

2nd Course: Advanced Python for IoT & IoT Based Data Analysis

3rd Course: IoT (Internet of Things) Automation with ESP8266

4th Course: IoT (Internet of Things) Automation using Raspberry Pi

We are in the 1st course. This part will deal primarily with Python. It will teach all the concepts that will be required in our later courses on IoT. The Internet of Things (IoT) is a very big deal today in today’s technology driven world. For the development of an IoT solution, one would need a programming language which while being lightweight and scalable at the same time. One such is Python and we are going to learn how to implement the same with this training.

Learn about the exciting field of IoT with Python programming.

The training will include the following;

  • Why Python?

  • Python Setup

  • Python shell

  • Python datatypes & variables

  • Functions in Python

  • Python Built-In Functions

  • Operators

  • Control flow statements

  • Classes in Python

  • Data Structures in Python

  • Exception Handling

  • Modules

  • Reading from and writing to Files

  • Standard Python libraries

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to build projects using Python for IoT
  • Students/Professionals interested in electronics and programming
  • This course is for all levels of Audience, Anybody who is interested in building IOT products.