Isomorphic JavaScript with MEVN Stack

Isomorphic JavaScript with MEVN Stack

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What you will learn

Use Node .js to set up a project environment ready for MEVN development Create Single Page Applications using the Vue.JS command-line Interface Tool Manage application state with Voeux Library Implement application routing with Vue .js Router NoSQL Database management with MongoDB Build a secure, RESTful API with Express.JS, including user authentication Deploy a production-ready application to the cloud


Section 1: Getting to Know the MEVN Stack

Section 2: Preparing Your Development Environment

Section 3: Vue.js Core Concepts

Section 4: Building a RESTful Backend API with Node.js and Express.js

Section 5: Connecting Your Application to MongoDB

Section 6: User Authentication, JWTs, and Session Management

Section 7: Finalizing Your Application

Course Description

Build powerful web applications using MongoDB, Express.JS, Vue.JS, and Node.js Do you want to build scalable, high-performance web apps? Harness the power of the JavaScript ecosystem to run, build, and test your full-stack applications. This course will guide you in building a full-stack app using Isomorphic JavaScript frameworks. You'll build web applications using the MEVN Stack in JavaScript. This course takes you on an end-to-end journey, building on your basic skills and taking you to advanced skill set in no time with Vue .js while deploying enhanced web apps to a production environment. About the Author David Acosta is a professional Software Developer with a Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology Management and more than three years' experience in web development. As a developer for CollaborateMD Inc., David develops web-based medical billing and practice management software services for independent practices and hospitals. His work mainly focuses on JavaScript, TypeScript, and Java-based technologies such as Angular 2, Spring, Swing, and JQuery. He also has extensive knowledge of many other libraries and frameworks such as Laravel, React.JS, Vue .js, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, and more. Who is the target audience? This course targets web and JavaScript developers who want to create advanced, scalable web applications using Vue .js. If you are a developer, want to create web applications, and have a keen interest in using JavaScript on the frontend and backend, this Isomorphic JavaScript course is for you.