JavaScript for beginners To Web Development (2018)

JavaScript for beginners To Web Development (2018)

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What you will learn

Learn how to create programs in JavaScript Learn how to handle basic data structures via conditions and loops. Get to know the practical insights of the JavaScript language. Learn All The Concepts Of JavaScript


Section 1: Introduction To JavaScript & Code Examples

Section 2: Creating Variables, Alert & Prompt In JavaScript

Section 3: Arrays & Statements In JavaScript

Section 4: Introduction to Looping Structure In JavaScript

Course Description

A complete step by step Course to use JavaScript from Basic To Advanced Level This JavaScript course is created to inspire your interest in JavaScript, by leading you through the language basics. During the course, you will only need a web browser for following the code explanations and exercises. You will understand how basic JavaScript programs work, by exploring language's variables, data structures, loops, conditionals, functions and many more. At the end of the course, you will be able to create simple functional programs. So go ahead, start your browser and let's try the examples! This course explains you the basic JavaScript concepts and fundamentals in layman language and will serve as stepping stone for your career in web development as it is the de-facto language of the web. Also, JavaScript is the most popular programming language in the world If you are new to programming then this is the perfect place to start as JavaScript is easy to learn and most of the programming fundamentals are same across variety of programming languages. Learning Javascript will enable you to learn programming languages such as Node.js and Python which are very popular. Who is the target audience? Anyone interested in learning the basics of programming with JavaScript Anyone seeking a simple solution to learning JavaScript Anyone interested in learning front end web development