Learn DevOps Helm/Helmfile Kubernetes deployment

Learn DevOps Helm/Helmfile Kubernetes deployment

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What you will learn

  • Learn deployment concepts in Kubernetes by using HELM and HELMFILE

  • Learn how to work and interact with Kubernetes orchestration platform.

  • Deploy Kubernetes cluster in AWS by using kops and terraform.

  • Learn how to use and adjust Helm charts (standard deployment methodology).


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Jupyter Notebooks

Section 3: Introduction to Helm Charts

Section 4: Exploring Helmfile deployment in Kubernetes

Section 5: Grafana and Prometheus HELMFILE deployment

Section 6: Ingress and LoadBalancer type of service for your Kubernetes cluster

Course Description

Learn DevOps Helm/Helmfile Kubernetes deployment with practical HELM CHART examples


  • Students should be excited and motivated to learn and understand Kubernetes orchestration platform.
  • Willingness to understand new concepts and paradigms.
  • Students should have some very basic knowledge of command line (does not matter whether it would be Linux, Windows or Mac)
  • Should have computer or Mac (optionally some server they can SSH to and go through this course from remote server).


The main motivation for this course was to provide Students a comprehensive explanation of the applications deployment to Kubernetes cluster by using the standard called HELM CHARTS via helm and helmfile binaries. In order to achieve this goal, the course is using particular HELM CHARTS such as:

  • Jupyter Notebooks,

  • Gogs,

  • Jenkins,

  • Grafana and Prometheus,

  • Nginx-Ingress,

    helm charts to make it happen. This course is not getting to deep detail about every single detail specified in HELM CHARTS which will be used throughout all the examples rather, I will try to explain everything in practical context so everybody can put together thoughts accurate to her/his thinking process.

Who this course is for:

  • Anybody who wants to learn Kubernetes.
  • People interested in Helm charts deployment by using Helmfile
  • Anybody who is interested in Kubernetes orchestration platform.
  • This course is mainly for people interested in DevOps related industry.
  • Anybody who wants to understand newest technology micro service like infrastructure.