Learn GCP: Google Cloud Data Engineer Express Course!

Learn GCP: Google Cloud Data Engineer Express Course!

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What you will learn

  • Understand major components of GCP, why and when to use its Products

  • Connect into GCP VMs using SSH

  • Build a dataset using BigQuery

  • Repeat command from BigQuery in Datalab and Plot a Graph

  • Dashboarding in Datastudio

  • Machine Learning and AI Fundamentals

  • Hadoop

  • Application of GCP Products in Real World Applications


Section 1: GCP Introduction

Section 2: Cloud Compute Engine

Section 3: GCP Storage Solutions

Section 4: IAM & Billing

Section 5: Cloud BigQuery

Section 6: Cloud Datalab

Section 7: Cloud Datastudio

Section 8: Cloud Pub/Sub

Section 9: Hadoop & Cloud Dataproc

Section 10: Cloud Dataflow

Section 11: Stackdriver

Section 12: Machine Learning/AI & Tensorflow

Section 13: Case Study

Course Description

Google Cloud Platform for Beginners. Take this course to prepare for the GCP Data Engineers Exam!


  • Basic understanding of Relational Databases and NoSQL
  • SQL Basics
  • Some understanding of Virtual Machines will be beneficial
  • Desire to Learn!


Hi I’m Sam, a big data engineer, full stack web developer and machine learning/AI Enthusiast teaching you GCP in the most efficient and down to earth approach. I will teach you the core components of GCP required to pass the data engineers exam using a real world applications approach. All the practicals in this course show you techniques used by big data engineers on the GCP.

Course is streamlined to aim to get you to pass the GCP Data Engineers Certification. Therefore, it is the most time efficient course to learn about GCP if you want to have a good understanding of GCP’s products and have the intention of becoming a certified data engineer in the future. The course is streamlined to under 5 hours! Learn all about GCP over a weekend or in a day !

Infrastructure solutions will be presented for various use cases as you learn the most when solving real problems! Theory and Practicals will be placed to aim to pass the Data Engineers Exam with the shortest amount of time. In the exam most questions will be targeted on the why and not the how. For example you will be very hard pressed to find a question that asks you to choose the correct code snippet out of the 3 code snippets etc.

Student Feedback:

Hi Samuel. Hope this finds you well. I passed the GCP data engineering exam last week and just want to thank you for your Udemy course that summarises the exam materials so well! Have a good week ahead!

The course is helpful for my preparation of Google Data Engineering Certification Exam. It also gives a good and brief overview of GCP products that is lacking in other courses. The knowledge gained from this course can be applied to using GCP in data scientist and data engineering work.

I had tried coursera courses from google. It's too longer and has lots of marketing pitches. I like your approach. You should create another course like this for AWS or GCP architect.

Course is split up into sections as below:

Introduction - Explore questions, Why Cloud, Why GCP, main differentiators of GCP/main selling points, setup your free GCP account

Compute Engine - Overview of compute engine and pricing innovations, zones & regions, various machine types and practical to spin up VMs and access them via SSH, Mac and Windows supported

Storage Solutions - Overview of GCP’s data storage solutions including Cloud Storage, Cloud Datastore, Cloud Spanner, Cloud SQL, BigQuery & BigTable. We will compare these storage solutions with each other and explain use cases where one storage solution will excel over another.

IAM & Billing - Different member types, roles and permissions, resource hierarchy and billing process

BigQuery - BigQuery Pricing structure, tips for reducing processing cost, Partitioned & Wildcard tables, Authorised views, Practicals in BigQuery using standard SQL

Cloud Datalab - How to use Cloud Datalab in a practical with a live feed from BigQuery to explore the dataset.

Cloud Pub/Sub - Pub/Sub concepts and its components especially decoupling and the uses of Pub/Sub

Hadoop & Dataproc - Overview of hadoop and major components which will be tested in the exam

Cloud Dataflow - What is dataflow, the dataflow model, how and why its used with relation to other GCP Products

Stackdriver - Stackdriver functions such as debugging, error reporting, monitoring, alerting, tracing and logging.

Tensorflow & AI - Brief overview of machine learning and neural networks, play with neural networks with a playground and understand GCP’s AI products and APIs

Case Study - Finally, Put your new learned GCP knowledge to use in a real-world application business case. Similar case studies will be present in the exams.

Who this course is for:

  • For anyone who wants to learn about Google Cloud
  • For anyone who wants to be a Certified Google Cloud Data Engineer