Learn How To Play Chess From Scratch

Learn How To Play Chess From Scratch

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What you will learn

Record your game using chess notation Move and capture with your pieces and pawns correctly Know basic and specific rules of chess Know what to do to win a game or to end a game in a draw Learn at least 3 different ways to checkmate your opponent Know basic principles how to play the opening


Section 1: Inroduction

Section 2: Chessboard and Chessmen

Section 3: How the chessmen move

Section 4: Special moves and rules

Section 5: How to checkmate

Section 6: Basic principles of the playing the opening

Course Description

This course will teach you how to play chess! I start from the very beginning. I explain how to move and capture with your pieces and pawns in all details. I also tell you about special moves and rules in chess. I teach you the simplest ways to checkmate: how to checkmate with 2 rooks, with the only queen and with the only rook. And in the last lecture I explain you how to play the openning, what principles you should take into account, so you may apply them in your own games and make your pieces interact! This course is designed for people, who want to learn how to play chess, but don’t know the rules. If you know the rules, but feel yourself unconfident when playing chess, because there was something unclear for you, you may also pass this course. I believe after you pass this course, you will be able to play a chess game and finish by a checkmate. I also prepared quizzes for you, so you can check yourself! With this course you also get: unlimited lifetime access at no extra costs all future additional lectures, game examples never any questions asked full 30 day money-back-in-full guarantee Sincerely, Viktor