Learn JMeter (Latest 5.1)

Learn JMeter (Latest 5.1)

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What you will learn

  • Performance & API Testing using JMeter


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: JMeter Installations on Windows & Mac

Section 3: JMeter Elements & First JMeter Test

Section 4: Assertions in JMeter

Section 5: Listeners in JMeter

Section 6: Timers in JMeter

Section 7: Logic Controllers in JMeter

Section 8: How to create a Database Test Plan (Load Test on Database)

Section 9: How to run JMeter from Command Line (non GUI mode) & view results

Section 10: How to test FTP upload and download (FTP Request Sampler)

Section 11: JMeter PreProcessor & PostProcessor

Section 12: JMeter Plugins Manager

Section 13: Correlation

Section 14: API/Webservices Testing using JMeter

Section 15: Parameterization in JMeter

Section 16: Functions & Variables in JMeter

Section 17: Templates in JMeter

Course Description

JMeter for Performance & API Testing


  • No special knowledge is required


  • JMeter is most popular and open source performance testing tool. Also JMeter can be used to perform API testing.
  • In this course you will learn JMeter from scratch and how to perform performance testing and API testing.
  • After this course you can work with JMeter for personal and enterprise projects.

Topics Covered:

1) Overview on Performance Testing

2) Introduction & Usage of JMeter

3) How to install JMeter on Windows

4) How to install JMeter on Mac

5) JMeter Elements (Thread Group,Sampleres,Listeners & Configuration)

6) First JMeter Test

7) Assertions in JMeter

8) Listeners in JMeter

9) Timers in JMeter

10) Logic Controllers - Loop Controller

11) Logic Controllers - Recording Controller

12) Logic Controllers - Simple,Module & Include Controllers

13) Logic Controllers - Random & Random Order Controllers

14) Logic Controllers - Interleave Controller

15) Logic Controllers- Throughput Controller (Build a Distributed Load Test)

16) How to create a JDBC Test Plan(Load Test on Database)

17) How to create assertions for JDBC Test Plan(Load Test on Database)

18) How to run jmeter from Command Line (non GUI mode) & view results

19) How to create HTML Reports from command line(non GUI mode)

20) How to test FTP upload and download( FTP Request Sampler)

21) JMeter PreProcessor & PostProcessor

22) JMeter Plugins Manager

23) Correlation with Regular Expression Extractor

24) API Webservices testing in JMeter

25) Parameterizaton/Working with CSV file

26) Functions & Variables

27) Templates in JMeter


Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Jmeter