Learn Protractor(Angular Testing) from scratch +Framework

Learn Protractor(Angular Testing) from scratch +Framework

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What you will learn

  • By end of this course, You will get complete knowledge on Protractor API to automate any Angular/NonAngular Apps
  • In-depth knowledge of JavaScript with Asynchronous Promise concepts
  • You will gain the ability to design Protractor framework from scratch using jasmine Unit testing techniques
  • Understand the Nodejs principles and package json in depth for CI integration
  • Includes a Practice Website to play around with all available Protractor functions to automate
  • Crack any Protractor Interview on Single shot!


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Getting started with Protractor

Section 3: Setting up Protractor Tests in Visual studio and Webstorm

Section 4: Deeper Understanding of Protractor Promises and its working mechanism

Section 5: JavaScript Basics

Section 6: Getting Started with Protractor Tests

Section 7: Deep dive into Protractor Core API

Section 8: Handling Mouseactions, Windows, Alerts with Protractor

Section 9: Frames and Synchronization practical usage

Section 10: Real time project in building Protractor tests

Section 11: TypeScript Basics

Section 12: PART 1-Protractor with Typescript Cucumber framework

Section 13: PART 2-Protractor with Typescript Cucumber framework

Section 14: PART 3-Protractor with Typescript Cucumber framework

Section 15: PART 4-Protractor with Typescript Cucumber framework

Section 16: Framework Part 1- Understand the Javascript objects and their accessibility

Section 17: Framework Part 2- Page Object Mechanism to drive the objects

Section 18: Framework Part 3- Package.json and Node basics to trigger tests from Framework

Section 19: Framework Part 4- Data driven testing with Jasmine Dataprovider

Section 20: Framework Part 5: Generating Client reports&Tagging for Protractor tests

Section 21: Framework Part 6: Integrating Protractor tests with Jenkins CI tool

Section 22: Understanding Version Control System GIT (Bonus Section)

Course Description

Step by Step tutorial to understand Protractor using Javascript&Typescript +Framework development(Cucumber,Jasmine)


  • No prior experience required on any language. Everything including Tool setup instructions are taken care in the course.
  • Theoretical Material,Code dump and Interview Guide are available for download
  • You will have Life Time instructor support to get solved all your queries and we will get back with solutions in less than 12 hours


  • Course Last Updated- Dec 3rd- [Protractor Cucumber BDD Framework]
  • "Welcome to The only online course in the World which covers end to end Automation using Protractor API from Complete Scratch to Framework level using Javascript Jasmine & Typescript Cucumber. "
  • Why Protractor?
  •  Protractor turns out be the Hottest Automation testing tool in the market with sudden increase in demand of of Javascript Frameworks like Angular, React for Front End UI development. 
  • Protractor is developed by Angular core team and takes clear edge over all other testing tools for Angular Apps automation in terms of stability, reliabity ,Performance and Code complexity.

And I Bet! On course Completion You can clear any interview or develop Protractor framework on your own.

As a bonus apart from protractor, You will learn lots of new technologies in this course such as Javascript,Typescript, Node, jasmine, etc.

Below is the course Content we Cover:

Introduction to protractor

Node.js basics with setup instructions

Protractor Setup and installation

Javascript Basics

Protractor API Overeview

Different locator strategies available in Protractor

Understanding Javascript Asynchronous promises

Working with Angular UI Elements with Protractor

Understanding the configuration file

20+ Practise exercises on UI Automation using Protractor

Working with non Angular Apps using protractor

jasmine Unit testing framework basics

Optimizing protractor tests for Framework development

Page object mechanism in JS frameworks

Data driven and parameterzation using Jasmine Framework

Client reports generation and config methods for Robust framework

Indepth understanding of Pacakage.json file and npm commands

Integrating the Protractor framework with CI Jenkins tool

Introduction to Git Hub

Wish you all the Best! See you all in the course :)

Who this course is for:

  • Any Software Proffesional