Learn python with 70+ exercises : Complete Beginner

Learn python with 70+ exercises : Complete Beginner

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What you will learn

Get good knowledge of computer programming and how it works How to use the Python Shell How to run Python scripts directly from the command line Do comparison operators to determine logical outcomes Assign variables of different types How to use the print() function Be able to extract substrings Easily concatenate strings Creation of Lists and Tuples Creating key value pairs and store them in dictionaries Write conditional statements to correctly branch code Use If, else and else if statements to apply branching Understand how and when to used nested if statements Be able to use looping structures effectively Be able to construct nested loops and understand their utility. Randomize numbers and selections with the Randomization tools Do python program better Can go for more Advanced Topics in Python


Section 1: Getting started with python

Section 2: Basics of Python

Section 3: Variables

Section 4: Input and Print Statements

Section 5: String

Section 6: List

Section 7: Tuples

Section 8: Dictionary

Section 9: Decision Statements

Section 10: Conditional Statements

Section 11: Control Statements

Section 12: functions

Section 13: Exceptions

Section 14: Modules

Section 15: CODE ALONG : Project 1

Section 16: CODE ALONG : Project 2

Course Description

This python for beginners course is geared to students who want to know how python works and also to those totally new to programming. WHY THIS COURSE? You can see lot of courses on python in internet but you must know that programming can't be learnt by just watching those video. I also had this kind of problem while learning programming online. I have structured this course with lot of exercises for each topics so that it will make the learners to understand python programming very easily. If you are new to python programming or if you need to just brush up concepts, this is the course for you. No need to read pages of documentation when you can learn all about this programming language by just doing the exercise with the help of easy-to-follow lectures. There are two ways for you to do exercises. You can do it on your own system installing python or You can go to the link in the exercises to do online without even installing python in your system.(Please note that this may ask for sign up to keep track of your exercises) Will i get Support? You can ask me any doubt whenever you want while the exercise i will be always there for you to help. Who is the target audience? Complete Programming Beginners who have never programmed before People who is willing to learn Programming People who want to improve their productivity