LEARNING PATH: Ansible: Guide to Master Ansible 2

LEARNING PATH: Ansible: Guide to Master Ansible 2

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What you will learn

  • Master the art of Jenkins management like adding a build node, security and plugin management

  • Work with Git in building and testing your software by effectively configuring Jenkins

  • Work with automated builds of Jenkins like freestyle project, Git, scheduled builds, and up/downstream jobs

  • Integrate Docker containers in a Jenkins context

  • Build and test Java web applications

  • Explore Jenkins Pipeline to build, test, and deploy projects


Section 1: Ansible 2 for Beginners

Section 2: Mastering Ansible

Course Description

Fast-track your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery process with Jenkins

Jenkins is the most popular and leading open-source automation server for Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery because of its flexibility due to which you can easily use to automate all the steps in your software delivery process on any platform.

This comprehensive 2-in-1 training course is designed to give you a foundation in the concepts of Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, and implementing them with Jenkins. It will show you how to set up your CI environment, by installing and configuring Jenkins Master/Nodes, introducing the main parts of the tool, and effectively configuring Jenkins projects to build and test a software application.

Contents and Overview

This training program includes 2 complete courses, carefully chosen to give you the most comprehensive training possible.

The first course, Effective Jenkins: Getting Started with Continuous Integration, covers key concepts of Continuous Integration, as well Continuous Deployment. You will understand the main parts of Jenkins and create different types of Jenkins projects to automate everything that you want. You will finish the first course by looking at a Java web project and creating the necessary steps to build and test it, thereby empowering you to implement it in a real project.

The second course, Effective Jenkins: Continuous Delivery with Jenkins Pipeline, covers key concepts of DevOps and delve into Jenkins Pipeline, a set of plugins that provides a toolkit for designing simple-to-complex delivery pipelines as code. To design a production-ready delivery pipeline, you will start by creating a simple pipeline and understanding Jenkins Pipeline terms and its particularities. Next, you will set up Docker to create isolated build environments. To consolidate your learning, you will create a delivery pipeline to build, test, and deploy a Java web project.

By the end of this training program you’ll be thoroughly equipped with the concepts of Jenkins and will be able to configure Jenkins effectively to build, test, and deploy your software.

About the Author

Rodrigo is a Certified Jenkins Engineer and has 14+ years' experience in software development with different programming languages and technologies in different countries (Brazil, US, Portugal, Germany, and Austria) and projects in companies ranging from a financial institution to game and e-commerce ventures including Walmart, Goodgame Studios and HERE. He is an enthusiastic practitioner of Agile methodologies, Continuous Delivery, and DevOps, with large-scale adoption experience. He is always seeking to optimize the software development lifecycle through automation, process improvements, and developing new tools and techniques. Rodrigo holds a B.S. in Computer Science and a postgraduate qualification in Software Engineering.

Who this course is for:

  • • Java developers, software architects, technical project managers, build manager, or development or QA engineer