Marketing on Facebook

Marketing on Facebook

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Course Description

This course shows you the basics of setting up a Facebook account exclusively for business use and building out your page in a way that clearly identifies your brand. First, find out how to get started with Facebook and create a page. Next, discover ways you can build your audience by posting interesting and meaningful content. Then, learn how to use advanced features, including events, milestones, and Facebook Live. Additionally, see how to promote your business and engage with your followers by leveraging comments, creating polls, and managing promotions. Tracking and analytics features are also covered.

What you will learn

Creating a Facebook page for a business Using pay-to-promote options Adding and managing posts Business ratings and reviews on Facebook Managing comments Advertising and boosting pots Running promotions on Facebook Tracking page views Analyzing performance of posts


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. Get Started

Section 3: 2. Build Your Page

Section 4: 3. Build Your Audience

Section 5: 4. Facebook Posts

Section 6: 5. Advanced Facebook Page Features

Section 7: 6. Engage Your Audience

Section 8: 7. Promote Your Business on Facebook

Section 9: 8. Understand Facebook Insights and Reports

Section 10: 9. Advanced Page and Mobile Features

Section 11: Conclusion