Material for Angular 6 - UI UX Ivy League Instructor

Material for Angular 6 - UI UX Ivy League Instructor

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What you will learn

Students will be able to rapidly build apps that are pixel perfect using Angular 6 and Material. We build a weather app and provide you the code to do so on your own as well. You can build an app that looks like Facebook, Snapchat or Twitter.


Section 1: Installation of Angular

Section 2: Using Angular, RxJS and to build Weather App .

Section 3: Material design, typography,

Course Description

ANGULAR MATERIAL IS THE FUTURE OF WEBDESIGN Angular is a great framework that with Angular CLI makes using Angular easy. However, the only downside of using such a new framework is manually writing form controls. Material Design allows us to build Angular apps quickly and effortlessly, similar to how bootstrap works with CSS. Course Overview We will start first by scaffolding an Angular Material application, then customizing the layout and UI/UX. Next, we will start exploring the Angular Material components starting with some navigation menu and icons. The goal here is to show that its also possible to use Angular Material components to build apps quickly. Later in this section, we will use a more advanced menu system where Angular Material is essentially taking over the whole application layout, with a side menu component. We are then going to introduce container components such as for example Tab Containers and Material Cards. We will also show how to use Modals to edit some of data in the data table, for which we will use multiple different types of form components to build an editable form. At the end of the course, we will show we can customize the look and feel of the Angular Material component suite by building our own custom theme. What Will You be able to do at the End Of This Course? You will be able to comfortably build an Angular 6 application using Angular Material and the Angular CLI. You will be able to take a basic app and turn it into a beautiful, UI and UX correct app. You will receive the code for a app, and will be taken step by step on how to build it! There is no other course that covers the course in such technical detail as quickly. Instruction on Angular, specifically Angular 6, just in case you forgot how it works (or never learned it) A detailed introduction into Angular Material, its docs and its usage A realistic app that uses many Angular Material components An intro to RxJS observables Using Material to build an amazing app. This course is for you if you want to practice Angular, want to see it in action or want to learn it with the help of a 100% practical project! Who is the target audience? Beginning or Intermediate Angular programmers. If you already know Material and have already build enterprise level apps, you already know this material. Anyone who has used Angular before. Material will help any Angular programmer understand Angular and build faster.