Network and Vulnerability Scan for Hacking by Nmap & Nessus

Network and Vulnerability Scan for Hacking by Nmap & Nessus

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What you will learn

Learn how to use Nmap Learn how to use Nessus Learn about network scan types Learn about script scanning


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: Scan Types

Section 3: Nmap Introduction & Basics

Section 4: Nmap in Action - 1 : Scan Types

Section 5: Nmap in Action - 2 : Detection & Management

Section 6: Nmap in Action - 3 : Script Scanning

Section 7: Nmap in Action - 4 : Timing and IPS/IVS Evasion

Section 8: Nmap in Action - 5 : Some Other Scans

Section 9: Vulnerability Scan and Introduction to Nessus

Section 10: Nessus in Action

Course Description

Welcome to the "Network and Vulnerability Scan for Hacking by Nmap & Nessus" course. This is our 3rd course in our Ethical Hacking series. I wanted to use “Hacking Essentials” in front of the name of the course, but size limit didn’t allow it. Why “hacking essentials”? To be able to perform a successful penetration testing or ethical hacking, first, you have to know all the secrets of your targets. You should find all the systems and network devices of your target network before proceeding an ethical hacking operation. On my complete course, you`ll discover the secrets of ethical hacking and network discovery, using Nmap. You’ll learn all the details of Nmap, which is the most known and de facto network scanning tool. After downloading and installing Nmap by hands on lessons, you will be able to use it as an ip port scanner, open port tester and checking for devices' operating system and other features. Then in further lessons, we’ll scan the vulnerabilities of the network we discovered by using Nessus. Nessus is the most known vulnerability scanner and is in the third place of the most popular cyber security tools. This course starts at beginner levels so you don’t need to have a previous knowledge of network scanning, finding vulnerabilities in devices, using Nmap & using Nessus. In this course I tried to show the importance of using free tools and platforms, so you don’t need to buy any tool or application. By registering the course you will have lifetime access the all resources, practice videos and will be able to ask questions about related topics whenever you want. A step by step approach will help you to track your progress on the go and learn needed skills gradually at your own pace. At the end of this course, you will both have a knowledge and a practical skill set about using network scanning, finding vulnerabilities on systems and learning the general competencies of hackers. Here’s just some of what you’ll learn by the end of course, Understand the main terminology of Network Scanning and Finding Vulnerabilities in devices in a network Using Nmap with full knowledge and experience How to scan a network for scripts Learn about network scan types Learn how to use Hping