Online Hacking for Beginners Learn How to Protect Your Data

Online Hacking for Beginners Learn How to Protect Your Data

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What you will learn

Get Familiar With FREE Hacking Tools Easily Hack Windows7 and change the password Use Network Sniffers to Identify Issues Perform Basic Security Audit First Class Support with unlimited questions Backup and recover your WordPress site free Lectures can be added based on Student Requests


Section 1: Introduction To The Course

Section 2: Data Capturing

Section 3: Your Password

Section 4: Testing Tools

Section 5: Basic Hacker Tools

Section 6: Typical Hack Attacks

Section 7: Security Audit At Home

Section 8: Security Audit At Work

Section 9: Backup & Data recovery For WordPress

Section 10: Security Assessment - Methodology

Section 11: Conclusion

Course Description

How do you stop your network, server or site getting hacked. How can you protect sensitive data from being intercepted by hackers. This course is not going to teach you how to hack, if this is why you want to take the course then this is not right course for you. This course will show you what an average hacker uses to exploit a vulnerability to penetrate your network or site as well as the free tools used which is found freely on the Internet. Thanks to automation, hacker tools are much faster now than ever before, all a hacker needs is a web browser, Internet connection, a cup of coffee and some patience before he can hack your site. This course is for the non technical, if you are an advanced user then you most likely won't hear anything new but it may refresh your memory or bring you more ideas. This course is not about teaching you how to hack, it is all about keeping you safe and making sure that your devices at home and office are more secure by looking at basic techniques and exploits that hackers use. I will take you step by step to show you how you can: Hack or find your lost Windows7 or Windows8 password and how to change it Sniff your Wi-Fi Network to find issues or vulnerabilities Find website login details while sniffing Basic security Audit at home Hack a Live WordPress Site Protecting your kids at home, what you really need to know Getting familiar with testing tools Getting familiar with different hacking tools in order to enable you to secure your network or server What are typical hack attacks Improving your password security Backup and recover your WordPress site free Security assessments A wealth of information and first class support will be provided to you in this course. Who is the target audience? Anyone who wishes to know basic hacking techniques Anyone who wishes to see what hackers use Anyone who cares about their network; server or website security