Personal Finance: Simple, Basic and Proven

Personal Finance: Simple, Basic and Proven

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What you will learn

You will be able to budget. You will set personal financial goals and work toward accomplishing them. You will create a plan for your education. You will create a plan for your career. You will create a plan to eliminate your debt. You will have the knowledge to begin investing. You will be in control of your finances.


Section 1: Introduction

Course Description

Get on a budget, eliminate debt, learn about emergency preparedness, insurance, transportation, investments and more. This course is principle focused because principles remain tried and true forever. Learn, grown and progress towards your personal goals and become financially successful, and free from the burdens of debt. Money cannot buy happiness but being financially free and having good momentum in the right direction will contribute to your peace of mind and contentment. You will use what you learn in this class everyday for the rest of your life. Who is the target audience? Goal setters, achievers, and anyone looking to improve their personal finances.