Photoshop for Designers Practical 3D Designs

Photoshop for Designers Practical 3D Designs

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Course Description

3D is the new "drop shadow"—sometimes overused, but in the right place it can make a dramatic difference in a design. Learn how to use Adobe Photoshop to create 3D elements for commercial design work, in this course with senior graphic design instructor Justin Seeley. These hands-on techniques are for designers who want to add some 3D elements that will take their work to the next level, without going overboard. Justin walks through three projects—an advertisement, a product shot, and a logo—adding the kind of 3D details that make images and text pop off a page or presentation.

What you will learn

Practical 3D examples Extruding type Lighting and shading 3D type Creating a 3D product shot Extruding a photo into a new 3D layer Rendering a product shot Extruding a logo Adding effects


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. Core Concepts

Section 3: 2. Enhancing Product Advertisements

Section 4: 3. Creating Your Own Product Shot

Section 5: Conclusion