PHP Essential Training

PHP Essential Training

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Course Description

PHP is a popular programming language that you can use to write simple code for web pages. If you have been using HTML to develop websites, learning PHP will allow you to create dynamic pages. In this course, learn the fundamentals of PHP. Kevin Skoglund covers concepts such as how to embed PHP code into an HTML page and reviews the basic PHP data types such as strings and arrays. He also covers the different control structures in PHP, how to work with built-in PHP functions, and how to define your own custom functions.

What you will learn

What is PHP? Embedding PHP code on a page Inserting code comments Variables, strings, arrays, and Booleans If, else, and else if statements While and for loops User-defined functions Function arguments and return values Debugging and troubleshooting


Section 1: Introduction

Section 2: 1. PHP Overview

Section 3: 2. First Steps

Section 4: 3. Explore Data Types

Section 5: 4. Control Structures: Logical Expressions

Section 6: 5. Control Structures: Loops

Section 7: 6. User-Defined Functions

Section 8: 7. Debug

Section 9: Conclusion