PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Laravel

PHP with Laravel for beginners - Become a Master in Laravel

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What you will learn

  • Learn to build applications using laravel
  • To install Laravel using Windows and MAC
  • You will learn how use Laravel
  • You will learn how to use routes
  • You will learn how to create and use Controllers and what they are
  • You will learn how to create Views an what they are
  • You will learn to use the templating engine Blade
  • How to connect and use Databases
  • How to create migrations and what they are
  • You will learn about Laravel ORM (Object Relational Mapper) and Raw SQL queries. Database stuff :)
  • How to use Laravel Tinker - Command line program to play around with Laravel without persisting data
  • Database: Eloquent One to One - CRUD
  • Database: Eloquent One to Many - CRUD
  • Database: Eloquent Many to Many - CRUD
  • Database: Eloquent Polymorphic - CRUD
  • Form Validation
  • You will learn to download third party libraries to add to Laravel
  • You will learn to upload files
  • You will learn about Middleware and security
  • You will learn about sesssions
  • You will learn about sending emails
  • You will learn Github or version control
  • You will learn how to install a WYSIWYG editor
  • To install a commenting system / Disqus
  • You will learn to create a BULK functionality that you can use the CRUD on it
  • You will learn to deploy Laravel on share hosting accounts, like godaddy
  • And lots of more cool things


Section 1: The first steps

Section 2: Windows - Local Environment Setup

Section 3: MAC- Local Environment Setup

Section 4: Laravel Fundamentals - Routes

Section 5: Laravel Fundamentals - Controllers

Section 6: Laravel Fundamentals - Views

Section 7: Laravel Fundamentals - Laravel Blade templating engine

Section 8: Laravel Fundamentals - Database - Laravel Migrations

Section 9: Laravel Fundamentals - Raw SQL Queries

Section 10: Laravel Fundamentals - Database - Eloquent / ORM

Section 11: Laravel Fundamentals - Database - Eloquent Relationships

Section 12: Laravel Fundamentals - Database - Tinker

Section 13: Database - Eloquent One to One Relationship CRUD

Section 14: Database - Eloquent One to Many Relationship CRUD

Section 15: Database - Eloquent Many to Many Relationship CRUD

Section 16: Database - Eloquent Polymorphic Relationship CRUD

Section 17: Database - Eloquent Polymorphic Many to Many Relationship CRUD

Section 18: Forms and Validation

Section 19: Forms - Package and validation

Section 20: Database - Some more model manipulation

Section 21: Forms - Uploading files

Section 22: Form - Login

Section 23: Middleware - Security / Protection

Section 24: Laravel Sessions

Section 25: Laravel - Sending Email / Api

Section 26: Git and Github - Version Control

Section 27: Application

Section 28: Application - Posts

Section 29: Application - Categories

Section 30: Application - Media

Section 31: Application - Comments

Section 32: Extra Features

Section 33: Upgrade to Laravel 5.3

Section 34: Extra feature - WYSIWYG and File Management installation

Section 35: Extra feature - Disqus Comment System

Section 36: Extra feature - Bulk Media Delete

Section 37: Extra feature: Deploying our app to a shared hosting account

Section 38: Upgrade to Laravel 5.4

Section 39: Extra feature: Laravel data seeding

Section 40: Upgrade to Laravel 5.5

Section 41: Upgrade to Laravel 5.6

Section 42: Extra - Adjustments and more Features

Section 43: Upgrade from 5.6 to 5.7 & 5.7 to 5.8

Section 44: Upgrade from 5.8 to 6.0

Course Description

Learn to master Laravel to make advanced applications like the real CMS app we build on this course


  • Basic OOP PHP


VERSION 5.2 but we keep updating as new versions come out. This is an evergreen course because we keep adding new fresh content all the time!

UPDATES .......

Laravel - 5.3 - section 33

Laravel - 5.4 - section 38

Laravel - 5.5 - section 40

Laravel - 5.6 - section 41

Laravel - 5.7 - section 43

Laravel - 5.8 - section 43

Laravel - 6.0 - section 44

We will keep updating the project as new versions come out!

  • Over 23,000 students in this course and over 380,000 students here at Udemy.
  • Best Rated, Best Selling, Biggest and just baddest course on Laravel around :)
  • Oh, it's also the best course for complete beginners and of course regular beginners :)

Laravel has become one of the most popular if not the most popular PHP framework. Employers are asking for this skill for all web programming jobs and in this course we have put together all of them, to give you the best chance of landing that job; or taking it to the next level.

Why is Laravel so popular? Because once you learn it, creating complex applications are easy to do, because thousands of other people have created code we can plug (packages) into our Laravel application to make it even better. 

There are many reasons why Laravel is on the top when it comes to PHP frameworks but we are not here to talk about that, right? 

You are here because you want to learn Laravel, and find out what course to take, right? Alright, lets lists what this course has to offer so that you can make your decision? 

Benefits of taking this course (I promise to be  brief)

1. Top PHP instructor (with other successful PHP courses with great reviews)

2. Top support groups

3. An amazing project that we will be building and taking to Github

4. Lots of cybernetic coffee to keep you awake.....

5. Did I mention I was not boring and you will not fall asleep?

Ok, Let's break each of these down, shall we?

Top Instructor.....

I don't like boasting but my other PHP courses can speak for me :)

Top support groups

I make sure everybody helps in the class and we also have Facebook support groups if needed.

The Amazing project / real-life application...

On this project, you will learn everything you need for creating awesome applications the easy way with Laravel, and new features will be implemented all the time, just the curriculum and look at the updates section.

Full Source Code is available at Github 

Oh yeah, we take this to Github (An app repository online) and even show you how, so you will learn that too.



Lots of practical skill with some theory so you get more experience that its essential for becoming a Professional Laravel Developer

This course will take your game a new level. Imagine being able to create the next Facebook or Twitter, or even getting the developer job you dream of? What about just a programming job? You can achieve all that if you study with us and really focus. We will help you along the way.

Here are some my lovely students (Not to show off of course) :) 

REVIEWS ------------------------------->

Rating: 5.0 out of 5


Understood MVC in one sentence after so many years! Great job Edwin. A great deal of effort has been put by Edwin to create the content in two parts, first for understanding the basic components (eloquent relationships, views, controller etc) and then actually using it in a project. And he loves teaching. We love learning from him!


Rating: 5.0 out of 5

Great Course! Everything was explained well and if you will have any questions they will give you good answers, or you will find the answers in Q&A.


Rating: 5.0 out of 5

I would recommend this course to Laravel beginners like me, it covers a lot and the idea of learning on short-manageable videos + learning from errors that follow is a home run best approach! I am satisfied with course and especially with teacher Edwin who is extreme motivator.......

Rating: 5.0 out of 5

I loved the course!! Learned a lot and actually applied it, I'm very happy. 10-stars!!!


Get it? Not every course its perfect we do get the best reviews for a good reason, of course you can't please everybody but we try.

Are you ready to to create the next Facebook or Twitter? ................

  • Lets start with the fundamentals 
  • Downloading Laravel
  • Installing it with composer
  • Lets also use Laravel Homestead
  • We learn about Routes, Controllers, views, models, migrations, template engines, middleware and more
  • Lets learn the CRUD, create, read, update and deleting data :)
  • Wait, lets also learn the CRUD with all the ELOQUENT relationships,

Lets learn so database stuff :)

  • One To One
  • One To Many
  • One To Many (Inverse)
  • Many To Many
  • Has Many Through
  • Polymorphic Relations
  • Many To Many Polymorphic Relations
  • Querying Relations
  • Relationship Methods Vs. Dynamic Properties
  • Querying Relationship Existence
  • Querying Relationship Absence
  • Counting Related Models
  • Inserting & Updating Related Models
  • The save Method
  • The create Method
  • Belongs To Relationships
  • Many To Many Relationships

Let me break down some things from the projects but not all, cause my hands are a little tired :)

  • Authentication system
  • Multi-users with roles, Admins, subscribers and whatever you want :)
  • User profiles
  • Uploading photos, multi pictures
  • Multiple input selections
  • User, CRUD
  • Pos CRUD
  • Category CRUD
  • Photo CRUD
  • Pretty URL's
  • Commenting system, reply system with tree
  • Disqus commenting system
  • Sessions, and flash messages
  • Email Sending
  • EMAIL testing
  • Restrictions
  • Deployment
  • Lots more, too many to list
  • Oh did I mention we keep updating the course with new versions? 

Did I also mention this LARAVEL course is the best-rated course, the best selling and the biggest of its kind here in Udemy?

Let's start this and let's create big things :)

Who this course is for:

  • People looking for web programming jobs should take this course
  • People looking to learn everything about laravel should take this course
  • Students who want to take their PHP skills to another level should take this course