Produce Music in 5 Minutes

Produce Music in 5 Minutes

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What you will learn

Produce Music Vibe and create atmosphere in studio sessions Mix your beats to a high standard for studio playback Arrange your music in a dynamic and fresh way


Section 1: Introduction

Course Description

This course is designed for on the go learning. Its a short course, outlining the three key stages of Music production and Composition. Using Logic Pro X, This course is the perfect starter pack for aspiring producers wanting to increase there efficiency and competency in developing quick ideas. Making a beat that will blow up the charts, should start with a good feeling and a forward thinking motion. Throughout this course, Jay addresses all the things you need to know about creating, mixing and arranging production to suit the needs of your clients. Beat Making Learn the fundamental steps of developing a beat. How to create a beat from scratch using your own original ideas and techniques. In this section we explore how to create a 'vibe' and how to develop initial production ideas into an entire song. Working with quick and effective methods of music production this module is designed to get your production flowing quicker and more efficiently. Mixing Learn the basics to creating an early stage mix. Many of the principals learned here can be applied to the final mix stage, however this module focuses on mixing your tracks as you go and will enable you to generate quick clean mixes for the studio and your Artists. Arrangment Learn how to take all the elements you created in the beat making module, and to arrange them into an entire full length song. This module demonstrates how and where to place certain instruments in order to create an effective and dynamic arrangement. Who is the target audience? Anyone who wants to learn music production Anyone who wants to learn how to increase the speed of their production Anyone who wants to learn how to make beats Anyone who wants to learn how to mix quickly Anyone who wants to learn about arrangement